Money & Power hungry MP’s including Housing Minister join race to become PM

Following from the long awaited resignation speech by the current prime minister Teresa May last week we now have a string of career politicians looking to take over the role of PM and this includes housing minister Kit Malthouse – Yes, everyone and their pet goldfish is in on it!

The Conservative Party, who were totally spanked by The Brexit Party in the European Elections, and who are now regarded in a very low light having lied and lied again to their members regarding leaving the EU, are now in a vultures at the carcass mode with MP’s looking to get that cosy PM role. Is The Conservative Party Leave or Remain – Who knows – Can they be trusted, clearly no on recent performances!

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Kit Malthouse said: “This leadership campaign cannot be about the same old faces, scarred by the wars that have split the Tory Party over the last 3 years. I believe I’m the new face, with fresh new ideas, from a new and talented generation,UK Reuters



Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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