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More Valuations (How to get them!)

Everyone wants more market appraisals. That’s how you win instructions!

We see loads of agents spending a fortune on everything from high tech digital marketing to old-fashioned leaflets to increase brand awareness and get more traffic to their websites. Many see virtually no return on their investment.

That’s because unless you get a call or a phone number from the people who land on your site, you’ve got no way to turn them into a listing.

We’ve come across a tool that does that incredibly effectively – and at a very low cost.

It’s a tool that uses land registry data to give your site visitors an instant online valuation – and captures all their personal details in the process – so you can call them.

We’ve heard reports of clicks on Rightmove ads converting to instructions at 13% through the tool, and agents gaining multiple new listings within a fortnight of taking the tool live!

We have had 4 valuation enquiries and had 100% conversion to appointments since going live on Monday!

Mat Barnes (on Friday)

The GetAgent online valuation tool is consistently getting me high quality new client leads.

Perry Power

Best of all, there’s a lifetime 50% discount for the first 50 users to sign up!

Setup only take a few minutes and the company operates on a simple, monthly pricing model with no hidden costs (you don’t pay anything extra for the leads the tool generates).

Click here to see the tool in action.

Sponsored blog post from GetAgent.


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