Mortgage arrears and repossessions hit new low.

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According to data from UK Finance the number of mortgages in arrears of 2.5% or more of the outstanding balance declined to 88,200 in the second quarter of this year, this figure amounted to 0.8% of the more than 11 million mortgages outstanding in the UK, the lowest level since at least 1994 when this run of data began.

The number of properties taken into possession also declined in the second quarter from 1,900 to 1,800 (accounting for 0.02% of all mortgages).

Commenting on the data, UK Finance head of mortgages Paul Smee said:

“These figures show that the overwhelming majority of borrowers are managing their mortgage payments successfully, and many of those who have experienced some difficulty in the past are able to recover their financial position.  The recent improvement in the number of mortgages with high levels of arrears is particularly welcome.

“Borrowers are being helped by low interest rates, but mortgage costs are certain to rise at some stage.  It is important therefore for customers to plan ahead and consider how their finances would be affected in those circumstances.  As ever, lenders will continue to help borrowers resolve any financial difficulty if possible, so customers should not hesitate to contact their lender if they anticipate any payment problems.”

Read the report from UK Finance dated 10th August 2017 in full click here.

Author: Allen Walkey

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