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Mortgage Solicitor told to pay £3.5million or face 10 years in Jail

A £10 million property empire of 88 properties within the Greater Manchester area was amassed by mortgage solicitor Scott Rowbotham. A news report in the Manchester Evening News confirms that under the Proceeds of Crime Act he has been requested to pay back a total of £3,522,459 within 3 months or look to have to face further prison time of 10 years.

The property empire was said to have been achieved with the help of Tameside’s criminal underworld and since the case has been uncovered there has been several other guilty parties who are facing jail time for money laundering and other criminal offences.

Scott Rowbotham is said to have enjoyed a luxury lifestyle from the proceeds, despite earning only £1,000 in declared income and paying £18.20 in tax in an eleven-year period.Fall story on Manchester Evening News website.

Title image free from Pixabay.

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