Moving company: favorable conditions for students

I want to share my personal experience and the stories of my friends about cooperation with Stackt. My personal recommendations are very positive, and you can independently verify the quality of the service. By the way, London storage company Stackt is very loyal to the financial situation of students, helps with moving, and offers storage for things very cheaply. So, I’m telling you about everything in order.

My difficulties were solved quickly and suddenly

As an international student, I lived in England, studied and worked a little. I rented apartments with friends and gradually acquired property. I had personal belongings, increased the number of books, and new furniture. I bought a bike, skis. And so, the holidays came. It is very expensive to continue paying rent if I leave London for home. But where should I put my personal belongings, because there are quite a lot of them?

Familiar students advised Stackt. This is a moving company that provides comprehensive services in a full-cycle format. Do you want details? So, I got a consultation from the company’s representatives, made the payment.

Stackt’s services for me this time consisted of the following:

  • Assistance in packing things and a bicycle.
  • Professional cleaning of my room.
  • Loading of property and transportation to the storage by the company’s personal transport.
  • Storage of cargo until the moment of my return to school.
  • Return of items to a new rented apartment.
  • Assistance in unloading.

Yes, I forgot to clarify that I was able to choose the right storage in terms of size and price, while receiving a 10% student discount! A friend of a girl kept her property in Stackt for more than 3 months and the discount for her personally was much greater. As far as I know, the company offers up to 40% discount on storage fees, the exact amount depends on the duration. Agree, it is profitable and pleasant. This is the first time I have personally met such an attitude towards students.

Interesting offers from moving company Stackt

I have read the company’s proposals in detail and consider them the most acceptable. For example, there is a possibility of cargo delivery. I do not remember what discounts there are, but the distance and format of transportation can be chosen according to personal needs. They cooperate with international carriers, guarantee careful and fast delivery. That is, you can transport anything and anywhere — from the United Kingdom to almost all countries of the world and back.

The company’s website is very convenient, it presents the estimated cost of the selected service and a simplified calculator that allows you to roughly calculate the delivery price in door-to-door format. Don’t be surprised, such a service in Stackt is relatively inexpensive and in high demand. They actually pick up your stuff from the front door and deliver it to the recipient’s address in the same way.

Very very profitable storage

Let’s go back to the story of the storage of property. I want to focus on the storage rental options. Stackt is not only available for storing bicycles and clothing packages. The storages are presented in different sizes and are suitable for any needs. There are quite a lot of options, I will write about those that I personally remember and were used at least once by my friends.

I used a 24-foot room at a rate of around 140 pounds. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact amount anymore, but you can see the current price on the moving company website. Other storage sizes that I mentioned earlier:

  • A small 5-foot space for storing sports equipment.
  • For boxes and small items — 9 ft.
  • The size of the wardrobe is 15 feet.
  • A small room like mine is 24 feet.

My friends and I used the above-described repositories. However, Stackt offers larger storage spaces for property. For example, they can rent half a garage, a whole garage, office space, a large warehouse and other offers. As far as I remember, discount promotions are offered for each storage, but you need to personally clarify such issues with the company’s manager.

What reviews do I know about moving company Stackt

Mihael, my neighbor in the former rented apartment, moved with the help of these carriers to another country. There was quite a lot of personal property accumulated, he was worried that the cost of moving would be too high. After clarifying the price and other details in various moving companies, he was upset because the conditions seemed extortionate.

After talking with the representatives of Stackt, Mihael was delighted and as a result was happy to receive such cooperation. Just imagine, his belongings were taken right from home, and the car was transported from a parking lot in England to a parking lot in another country! He didn’t do anything on his own, just called a taxi and drove to the airport! Stackt employees organized packaging for transportation, provided services for loading and unloading things, and found an opportunity to transport a car.

Another experience of working with Stackt, which was described by my friend Alice. She had to leave some of the furniture and her beloved minivan in England for 3 months and leave. It is too expensive to pay for parking and rented apartments for this period. She contacted the moving company, but couldn’t believe that storage would be cheap. However, her fears were in vain. Why do you think that is?

I answer the question: Alice contacted Stackt. The company’s representatives helped her choose a suitable storage facility and provided her with a 20% student discount. She was able to accommodate both her belongings and the car. At the same time, the cost turns out to be several times less than if she had stored all this in the apartment and in the parking lot. Agree, such money saving nowadays is a pleasant gift and a reason for joy!

What I liked the most

After a successful collaboration with Stackt, I want to highlight three main accents of good service:

  • Low cost.
  • High-quality service.
  • Pleasant communication and individual privileges.

Obviously, the representatives of the moving company treated me with respect and offered me the best conditions. In addition, other customers also note similar service.

Low cost

Of course, you can call me mercantile and even greedy, but that’s not quite true. I have to save money because I am still a student, life in London is expensive and my age implies not only studying, but also entertainment. In addition, the cost of services in a moving company is usually too high.

The optimal conditions for storing things, transport, sports equipment and other personal items are presented in Stackt. I am ready to repeat this statement many times, since I personally deposited my property in this company. I will note an important point — the storage is equipped with video surveillance. That is, security is at a high level, and all this is inexpensive!

High-quality service

Is it worth mentioning additional features? My property was taken for storage in the best format: they helped me pack and organized transportation. The return after storage was the same — the representatives of the company returned the property with delivery to the door! They also pick up cars from the parking lot and deliver them to the garage. Agree, the service cannot cause complaints and dissatisfaction.

Pleasant communication and privileges

The discounts for students to use the vault are very, very, very nice. Communication is also good — the manager understood that my budget was limited, but accepted my conditions and helped me choose the appropriate storage format. Initially, the interaction with Stackt was excellent. I was professionally consulted and offered an individual price. Look at the conditions on the official website of the company and independently verify the truthfulness of my words!

Why do I recommend moving company Stackt?

You may find this text to be promotional. However, I wrote a very detailed review, which is based on personal experience. And of course, I recommend contacting moving company Stackt to anyone who wants to receive high-quality service. My experience suggests that contacting such professionals is beneficial and motivates me to continue further cooperation.

For example, I plan to move to another area and will order cleaning, transportation and short-term storage of some furniture from Stackt. Yes, you were not mistaken — at Stackt you can inexpensively order a professional cleaning service in a rented room. I calculated the approximate cost of future travel on the site, contacted the manager, negotiated the final cost, deadlines and delivery options. Everything is as usual: fast, high-quality, inexpensive!

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