NAEA Student grade – what’s it all about?

Becoming an NAEA Student will help you build your career in estate agency, with the full support of the Association as you develop and learn. Designed as a pathway into full NAEA membership, Student grade comes with many benefits, including access to vital industry information, discounts on the study material for the accepted qualification for full NAEA membership, and much more.

But there is some confusion around what it actually means to be an NAEA Student. Why can’t Students advertise their membership to the public? And why is the grade limited to two years? Rachel Escott answers some of these common questions…

“What are the main benefits of Student membership?”

Student membership brings with it many benefits:

  • Industry information – As soon as you join as an NAEA Student, you start learning about the industry. You will have access to a wealth of industry information and support from the Association, including six issues of Property Professional magazine a year and a bi-weekly e-newsletter with the latest news and developments within the property market.
  • Networking opportunities – A key part of estate agency is networking. As a Student member you will hit the ground running by being invited to free regional meetings and also our regional conferences at a discounted rate, giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded property professionals whilst receiving topical industry updates.
  • Cheaper subscription fees – We understand that Student members do not have access to all the benefits of full membership – this is reflected in the cheaper annual subscription fee of £90 – instead of £200.
  • Discounts on study materials – You will also receive a £100 discount off the study material for the NFoPP Level 3 Technical Award Sale of Residential Property – a qualification which is accepted for entry into full NAEA membership. More information on the qualification and upgrading to full membership can be found below.
  • Legal helpline – Our members have access to our free legal email support service, providing advice on matters relating to general business, tax, conveyancing and employment law.
  • Continuing Professional Development – CPD is integral to NAEA membership, as it shows that our members are constantly refreshing their knowledge in order to keep up-to-date with developments within the industry. This is particularly key for Students, as it will help you progress and gain a greater understanding of the industry. NAEA offer a wide range of events, courses, and regional meetings which you can use to accumulate your CPD hours, and of course, your study towards the Technical Award also counts! Remember that members also receive a discounted rate on courses and events.

“Why can’t I advertise my NAEA membership as a Student?”

This is a fair question, as being able to promote your membership is arguably one of the key benefits of being a full NAEA member. However the reason for this is that being a full NAEA member and therefore having use of the NAEA logo shows the public that they are using an individual who is qualified – either by formal qualification or by many years of industry experience. This ensures that the NAEA brand is seen as professional and credible as all of its members are qualified.

“How do I become a full NAEA member?”

Student members have two years in which to successfully complete the NFoPP Level 3 Technical Award in the Sale of Residential Property or a comparable nationally recognised qualification which is estate agency specific and approved by the Association for membership. Once qualified, you will be able to upgrade your membership to the full Member Grade, as long as you are working within the estate agency industry. You will also then be entitled to a broader range of membership benefits. Read more about the requirements for Member grade here.

“Why does Student membership only last two years?”

Student grade is designed as a pathway into full NAEA membership, and is limited to two years in order to encourage you to progress your career. We feel that this is adequate time in which to get qualified and upgrade your membership.

“I’m a Director – can I become an NAEA Student?”

Student membership is only available to employees.  This is because it is felt that Principals, Full Partners or Full Directors (PPDs) should be qualified – either by formal qualification or by many years of industry experience – before setting up as an agency. This again increases public confidence in our members.

Join us at the Student grade today – learn about the industry, get qualified, become a Property Professional.
NAEA are with you all the way.

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