NAPIT & NES Partner to Improve Electrical Safety in the Home

NAPIT and SAVA, the residential property surveyor organisation and part of National Energy Services Ltd (NES) have announced they are working together on a brand new electrical training course and membership scheme.

The training course and membership offering has been designed to provide Surveyors and Energy Assessors in the UK with the training and certification needed to visually check domestic electrical installations and identify if they are fit for purpose.

Each year around 10,000 A&E admissions for electric shocks are recorded in England[1] and around 4,000 accidental domestic fires are caused by electrical distribution systems in Great Britain,[2] resulting in hundreds of casualties and numerous deaths.

Members of the scheme will be able to visually identify electrical hazards and verify that electrical installations look to be in a safe working condition or recommend that a competent, registered electrician should be called to carry out further investigation.

NAPIT, SAVA and NES Ltd are hoping this exciting new venture will help improve electrical safety in the home as NAPIT Group Chief Executive, Mike Andrews confirmed: “We are thrilled to be working with SAVA and NES, whose drive to promote the highest standards of safety and working practice as possible run parallel with our own industry objectives.”

Not only is there a need for a heightened awareness of the condition of electrical installations in properties in the UK to drastically improve safety, it is also a fantastic new offering that all surveyors and assessors can provide for their clients.”

Hilary Grayson, Director of Surveying Services at SAVA and NES Ltd added “Surveyors and assessors come into our homes to carry out inspections for other purposes. Therefore it makes great sense to offer them the opportunity to up skill, provide an additional service for their clients and contribute to the drive towards improving electrical safety in the home in general. We think this is such a fabulous opportunity and honoured to be working with NAPIT on this project.”

The Visual Electrical Inspections training course and Visual Electrical Surveyor Membership Scheme are due to arrive in the Autumn. If you would like more information on how it could benefit you and your business, visit




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