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Innovation is always a pleasing subject in any industry, sometimes it is embraced and sometimes it is jeered at and doubted – Not everyone likes change!

For sale signs for estate agents though an older marketing tool still very much remains popular across the country and provide an eye catching marketing avenue aiding sales / rentals.

A recent article spotted on website discusses the interesting topic of Smart Sign Changes How Real Estate Agents Sell.

The company in question is Compass who themselves have a very eye catching website showcasing the values behind their smart signs and app.

With the combined ease of the smart sign and the Compass Real Estate app, our agents and their clients can access the ultimate transaction resource — property images, neighbourhood details, prospective buyer data — all with the mission of helping everyone find their place in the

These attractive looking for sale signs light up whenever anyone or anything moves within 20 feet of the sign and potential buyers / tenants can access property details via bluetooth and Waze via the Compass App which also updates the said real estate agent in question with stats.

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