New tech product puts repeat instructions on autopilot for agents

As more estate agents admit they have are having to work harder for every new instruction, it would appear that very few are tapping into the easiest source of potential instructions at their

As the saying goes, ‘profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them’. With recent government research suggesting that over 80% of purchasers are pleased with the service they receive from the selling agent, why is it that so few vendors appear to use the same agent when they come to sell in the future?

A new digital product is helping agents to ensure they make the most of past purchasers. It gives them the opportunity to turn their previous hard work into lifetime relationships; drip feeding new instructions into their future pipeline as and when their previous purchasers return to the market.

Hello Again is being launched by Agent Software, the PropTech provider behind Spectre, the hugely successful auto prospecting system.

According to Hello Again, if an agent has been selling homes for five years at an average of 100 properties per year (with local owners moving every seven years on average) approximately 36 past purchasers will instruct an agent in the next six months. It is these past customers that Hello Again seeks to help convert into new instructions for that agent.

“Understandably, many agents are too preoccupied with securing new instructions to keep in touch with past purchasers who could provide their instructions of the future,” says Stella Nicol, Head of Product for Hello Again.

“Essentially, Hello Again intends to prevent an agent from having to generate every new instruction from scratch,” she adds.

Agent Software’s latest product creates bespoke property performance reports that are sent to past purchasers on each anniversary of their purchase until the time comes for them to move on.

One of Hello Again’s key aims is to send homeowners something that they would value and enjoy receiving. The property reports display agent-branded content, outlining the market performance
of their own property and local area.

Each report, individual to the client and their property, is presented in a visually enticing and professional way, with an accompanying letter to illustrate the agent’s enthusiasm and dedication.

In an increasingly competitive market, Hello Again places huge emphasis on keeping an agent’s brand fresh in the consumer’s mind.

“When surveyed, more than half of people who bought their property over five years ago, could not even recall the name of the agent they purchased from,” says Heather Staff, co-Director of Agent Software.

“Hello Again dramatically increases the chances of the original selling agent being the first port of call when a past buyer decides to move on.” she adds.

“Property buyers tend to have a good experience with selling agents and so there are fewer obstacles to overcome when the instruction is up for grabs,” she says.

There are also obvious benefits for agents who are instructed to sell a property they marketed in the relatively recent past.

“If the agent is re-instructed to sell the property a few years down the line, it’s a hugely positive scenario. Make a customer, not a sale,” says Stella Nicol.

“They know the property, they know the owners and how long they have been there, they know the type of buyer who will be interested, they know which photos to take, how to describe the
property, most importantly they know it’s saleable.”

Agent Software works with over 1,000 agents across the country, from small independents to large, listed agents. To find out more about Hello Again, please visit:

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