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‘Noise and scaremongering from the detractors only makes us stronger’: OnTheMarket.com agents remain defiant

Member agents who back OnTheMarket.com have written to the portal’s management team to pledge their unwavering support.

In the wake of what many agents see as a concerted attack from detractors who feel threatened by the continued growth of the portal, the messages all convey strong support for the portal and strong conviction that it will succeed.

Agents say that despite the predictable ferocity and noise level from some very familiar detractors, they remain fully committed to the long-term goal of creating the best UK property portal for agents, for their clients and for the property-seeking public.

Ian Springett, Chief Executive of OnTheMarket.com, said: “We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, OnTheMarket.com is here to stay and we know that our achievements to date, our continuing recent growth and the drive to succeed we share with our members are posing an unwelcome threat to some detractors who would benefit from our demise.

“If we didn’t pose a threat to them, they wouldn’t waste their time on us.

“The overwhelming majority of our member agents remain fully committed to OnTheMarket.com. The Board, management team and staff remain focused on the strategic task of growing OnTheMarket.com into the best portal in the market for agents and consumer alike.”

Last week OnTheMarket.com announced it had achieved the support of more than 7,000 UK estate and letting agent offices.

Below is a sample of supportive messages recently received.

Nick Manson
Mansons, one office in Jesmond, Newcastle, sales and lettings
“The recent noise and scaremongering will only make OnTheMarket.com stronger.

“I believe the recent negative comments are a result of those trying to undermine the incredible amount OnTheMarket has achieved since launch.

“We are receiving an increasing volume of traffic and quality leads from OnTheMarket and I remain a strong supporter.”

Steve Moir
Director and Chairman
Property Sharing Experts, 80 offices in the south west and London
Sales and lettings
“We remain amazed at the short sighted view some agents and some quarters seem to take and firmly believe it is in the long term interest for agents to continue to support OnTheMarket.

“OnTheMarket is delivering good leads considering it is still in its infancy and we fully understood that we were taking a longer term view. Property Sharing Experts as a group still fully support the portal, we are seeing an ever increasing number of quality leads and as long as members continue to promote it then consumer awareness will continue to grow.”

Michael Comyn
Comyn & James, independent estate agency in Pulborough, West Sussex
Sales and lettings
“It is very interesting that OnTheMarket is receiving the inevitable negative attacks from detractors – it certainly proves that they are having an impact on the portals market.

“We are continuing to receive a good volume of traffic from OnTheMarket and as an independent business, we have no time to worry about what other agents are up to, be it good, bad or indifferent.

“As always we are most grateful for all OnTheMarket’s support and hard work.”

Lana Michael
Kensington Estates, one office in Kensington, London
Sales and lettings
“I do not give undue attention to any negative stories I hear. I go with what I see for myself and what I’ve seen from OnTheMarket so far, I have liked.

“I guarantee my full support in backing OnTheMarket for the future of our industry.”


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