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Now Hybrid is available on the High street ….. Hystreet

London, UK (2nd May 2017) – The way people move home is changing, with sellers increasingly turning to online estate agents like Purplebricks and YOPA because of the 24/7 convenience and flexibility they offer. This evolution of the marketplace has led to big high street agents like Countrywide and Connells investing in their own online platforms in order to respond to the changing demands of sellers and buyers – but what about medium-sized and smaller estate agents who don’t have the resources to develop competing technology?

Introducing Hystreet: the easy and cost-effective way for high street agents to offer their own online service.

Hystreet has been developed by estate agents, for estate agents, with cutting-edge technology allowing every single high street agent in the UK to offer a great online platform alongside their normal service. This development should see an end to the ‘online vs high street’ debate that has been raging within the industry, as it will enable all high street agents to offer a competitive service to those customers who want to save money or benefit from the 24/7 availability of an online platform.

Hystreet is the first white-labelled online estate agent platform of its kind, and has been developed by a team of estate agents and technology experts. CEO Awais Ahmad, an experienced estate agent himself, was becoming increasingly frustrated by the new breed of well-funded technology-driven newcomers taking business from him and his high street competitors. He saw that many of these new companies didn’t have the same experience or local knowledge as the high street agents, and envisioned a ‘hybrid’ service that would combine the convenience of an online platform with the personal service of a traditional estate agent.

Awais explains: “As the online estate agents have grown in prominence, high street agents have been losing more and more business. A lot of agents are spending time going to valuations and subsequently losing out to companies like Purplebricks, as sellers are attracted by the reduced fee and the convenience of a 24/7 online platform. Until now, high street agents have been unable to compete; even well-established and highly reputable companies are losing instructions. My vision is to provide a software platform that any agent can use to offer the advantages of an online/hybrid service with the benefits of a highly experienced local estate agent”.

The Hystreet platform is fully brandable, and enables all high street agents to offer their sellers and buyers a really intuitive online service that has all the functionality of the fully-online estate agents. Customers can request valuations, book viewings, make offers, provide feedback, negotiate a sale, and communicate with their dedicated estate agent – all through their computer, tablet, or smartphone, and at a time that suits them. Estate agents who have trialled Hystreet so far also love the fact the system automatically takes care of ID and AML checks as well as property fact finding, freeing up their time to focus on what they do best: selling houses.

Hystreet is now available to all UK estate agents, who can increase their customer base and revenue by offering a hybrid service in addition to their normal service, without the need to potentially spend millions of pounds developing their own bespoke online platform. For a fixed monthly fee, all high street agents can offer cutting-edge technology designed specifically to take the hassle out of selling and buying. Hystreet doesn’t require agents to immediately change their internal CRM systems, and users of the service will benefit from dedicated support and training so they can be up and running in no time at all. Hystreet allows high street estate agents of all shapes and sizes to compete with renewed vigour, taking back the business they were losing to the online services whilst continuing to provide the same level of quality customer service they have built their reputations on.

Hystreet looks set to level the playing field between online and high street estate agents, with thousands of high street agents now able to offer their own hybrid service at a fraction of the price. Online agents will need to up their game significantly in order to remain competitive, especially since some are estimated to spend £1,000 to £12,000 acquiring each listing – much higher than their high street counterparts. It will be interesting to see how the online agents handle this threat to their customer base, and should result in improved customer experience all round as standards are pushed ever higher.

To find out more and register for Hystreet, please visit hystreet.co.uk or email [email protected]


Phone: 0203 908 3000

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