OneDome Launches New Online Products to Provide Agents ‘Hybrid’ Offering

OneDome, the technology company behind discovery tool, Locality Reality, launches a suite of products that enable high street estate agents to compete with disrupters.

The product toolkit, consisting of a series of web apps, empowers any agency to both enjoy digital capabilities superior to that of hybrid or pure online estate agents and to offer a hybrid service as part of their current offering.

OneDome, the London based technology company has revealed its first agency product bundles at the ESTAS 2017.

Digital web tools such as ‘Locality Reality’, ‘Local News’, ‘Book Valuation, ‘Book Viewing’ and ‘Make Offer’ are now available to the market along with integrated secure communications and diary management – meaning that any agent can now engage with current and potential customers 24/7 without the significant resources and financial outlay required to develop and maintain such technology.

The ‘Discovery Pack’, ‘Vendor Pack’, and ‘Buyer Pack’ give agents new ways to engage with customers on their site using innovative online booking tools and a secure communications platform.

OneDome will be releasing their already successful ‘Locality Reality’ tool to estate agents as part of the Discovery Pack.

Babek Ismayil, founder and CEO of OneDome said: “Consumer trends are changing at an ever-accelerating rate. A select few have exploited this and profited. The problem is that a lot of people have been left behind. We are here to make sure those people have technology that works for them, not against them. Technology should empower not disrupt, it should connect not displace, and it should be available to everyone.

We created OneDome to assist consumers and property professionals in navigating the property acquisition process in the easiest way possible. We know from personal experience how unnecessarily stressful it can be. From start to completion, the process is frequently slow, arduous and totally lacking in the technological innovation that we’ve seen in other sectors and that consumers increasingly expect.

Our aim is to become the leading online platform for property professionals. These web tools are just the first step to realising our vision. We will empower both agents and their customers, and transform the entire property experience.”

You can register for a OneDome Estate Agency account at

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