People, goldfish and estate agencies in 60 seconds

You’re busy.

We all are.

Time is our rarest commodity.

Followed fast on its heels by our attention.

We have to use both wisely.

It’s exactly the same for your potential customers.

They haven’t got the time to give your marketing and PR their full attention. Or have they?

In my experience you can grab people’s attention by using a simple technique – identify clearly your main message.

What’s the ONE thing you want people to remember about your agency?

Yep that’s right whether it’s a blog, direct mail, email marketing article or a newspaper advert each piece should have one Waterford Crystal clear message. Because in this age of perpetual messages people’s memories are becoming goldfisheque.

Main messages such as:

We’re the biggest in town according to Rightmove.

We’ve 30 years experience.

We specialises in bungalows.

We support local charities and community groups.

We’re not like other agents.

We’re the family agent you can trust.

The quicker you can get that message across the better. And remember it must be consistent.

Your message is more than your strap line, much more.

Everything you do with your marketing and PR must reinforce the message.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


PS: So what’s the message you are sending out to your market?

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