President Trump signs an executive order on Affordable Housing Development

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The USA is set to address affordable housing for people across their nation with President Trump recently signing an executive order to set in motion eliminating barriers.

This new council will engage with State, local, and tribal leaders to identify and remove obstacles that impede the development of new affordable housing.” is quoted as one of the many steps and aims that this new motion will set in practice – official White House website.

Likewise in the UK, many barriers or greedy land owners will be in the way of building more housing and especially affordable / social housing – The current London Mayor, AKA ‘#StoneColdLoser Kahn’ as described by President Trump, is failing big time to deliver promised targets on housing – The Republican President of the USA will be further infuriating liberals by continuing to deliver on his promises.

To aid affordable house building President Trump has agreed to the likes of reduce Federal regulatory barriers to affordable housing development, improve Americans’ access to sustainable home mortgages and encouraging more landlords to participate in the Housing Voucher Program.

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