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Prime Minister Theresa May calls for support of House re Brexit

With 67 days until what the democratic vote opted for in 2016 (Leave the EU), the Prime Minster has fired back from her quite dismal defeat in the House of Commons over her proposed plans to leave the EU last week. The new proposal is to continue to attempt to find a way forward for Brexit to take place with her adding: “I do not believe a majority exits for another peoples vote, we plan for a Brexit deal with the EU. We will honour the mandate of the referendum by leaving the EU.

We are going to listen to groups across the house (house of commons) to find the best way to leave the EU. We need to formulate a deal with the EU that is accepted and with the support of this house.

May says the vote next Tuesday (29 January) is not simply a weak re-run of the meaningful vote on her deal that was held and rejected last week.

Jeremy Corbyn said: “The government still appears to not have come to terms with the scale of defeat that they had last week. The prime minister must change her red lines, the current deal is undeliverable. The Prime Minister has changed nothing it appears.

The Prime Minister needs to accept reality and not go back to Europe for concessions. What makes her think that what was refused just a few months ago will be accepted? We need to rule out a no deal.

The remedy to all this? A weak plan by the Prime Minister that will likely be voted out again both by EU and from within the house? Goodness knows what is next as it is a mess, but surely if leave had meant leave then we’d now already not be part of the EU and would have for sure already made strong negotiations from outside as apposed to within with them and with others countries across the globe?

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: “we’re very keen to enter into a Free Trade Agreement… we’re ready and willing

Theresa May: “I was in discussions with the PM of New Zealand over lunch this afternoon.

Image source: https://www.brexitcounter.com/



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