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Years ago you might have been able to have old painted doors dipped in acid so to remove the paint (this would also have a negative effect on the glue holding the door together) though these places have thinned out a lot over the years. Today the DIY version of stripping paint would be either with a blow torch or paint stripper.

no nonsense paint stripper

Here we are reviewing the No Nonsense paint & varnish stripper that is available to purchase from Screwfix (500ml £4.99). Ideal for both paint and varnish, reviews online are generally positive and the price is economical. The question is though – Does it work?

Here we tested with an old pine door that had at least five previous coats of paint added. The product says that you can use it to remove paint / varnish from wood, metal, stone and concrete surfaces.

effect of paint stripper

Initially when applied the reaction with the paint is fairly quick, within 30 minutes you can see the stripper bubbling the top layer of paint. When you take the scrapper to remove the paint you realise that only the initial layer has been effected and the remaining layers remain untouched.

Paint Stripper

You will have to remove the initial layer of paint with a scraper and re-apply the paint stripper to take effect on the paint again. Once the first couple of layers were removed the paint stripper struggled to make a big effect on the remaining paint layers – The best option was to leave a decent coat of the paint stripper on the paint for at least 12 hours where it loosened / softened the paint so to enable you to, with a bit of effort, scrape the remaining paint from the wood surface.

To finish off the surface sanding down was required, depending on the effect you are after.

Paint Stripper eye protection

Paint Stripper Tools

We recommend a selection of tools to aid you removing the paint such as scrapers, eye protection, paint brush, sand paper.

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