Property – Never an ‘Elephant in the room’.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to participate in many amusing and inspiring debates. I have also had the misfortune of attending some work meetings that were simply uninteresting and dull. So the ‘anaesthetic’ of choice for those tedious times was to ‘throw’ into the conversation something about Politics –  usually a guaranteed winner to liven things up a tad! But recently, Politics has become the ‘Elephant in the room’ and is a bit of a ‘no go’.

But all is not lost… I have discovered another more powerful topic to create excitable banter and liven up a dull meeting or stilted dinner party. It has nothing to do with Baking, Cooking, Dancing or Australian Jungles and in my opinion should be Number 1 on the ‘guaranteed way to provoke a response list of 2015.

Yes, you guessed it………Property.

When it comes to Property there is no such thing as an ‘Elephant in the room.’ It’s a guaranteed way to ‘light’ up the conversation like an agents Hot Box full of cash buyers.  Everyone is an ‘Estate Agent’ with opinions aplenty, all talking about what the next big thing is, sharing ‘eye watering’ stories of rising property values and how the future will look. But alas, does anyone really know the real deal and what’s going on in their local world of property?

YES, they do and they are the Estate Agents, the real Estate Agents. The true characters & professionals of the Property World in which so many ‘virtual agents’ pretend to exist. They are ones who value and sell property for a living, they are the experts and should be seen as such. And what’s more,  the public need to understand that a good Estate Agent is worth far more than what they charge, so in most cases vendors are getting a really good deal…and that gives me an idea on how to liven up the next dull meeting!!


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