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Property prices in Bath need to drop by 61% to become affordable

Across the country many will agree that property prices are way too expensive, what was once a home now is a big burden, where once only one had to go out to work, many couples are feeling the pinch due to mortgage / rentals costs that they both need to hold full time jobs.

A recent article by SomersetLive from a study by Open Property Group, states that prices in Bath have rocketed to such an extent that more than £200,000 needs to be wiped of the value of the average property in order to be affordable.

The property boom would appear to be on its last legs as the ripple wave from London and the South East has now reached the far flung corners of the country and already London prices are starting to fall.

Brexit is well on the way to being a complete farce as the government continue to defy democracy and a weak deal is certainly on the cards if Brexit will take place at all.

Affordability needs to be addressed especially as average wages have no where increased alongside property prices in many regions of which Bath has been said to stand out the most across the country.

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