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Property staffing crisis? Here’s a tip from Yomdel on securing the best candidates.

With estate agents struggling to recruit key personnel, a small change in business operational structure could yield significant results that drives increased revenue growth and in turn helps agents compete successfully for the most experienced candidates.

The property sector may be being disrupted by new business models and fees may have fallen, but the most forward-thinking estate agents are rapidly embracing digital to create powerful competitive advantage through sourcing new clients online and delivering exceptional customer service.

People seeking estate agents are not visiting branches in any volume anymore, they are all online,” said Andy Soloman, Founder & CEO of award-winning managed live chat provider Yomdel.

If you target those people ahead of your competitors via 24/7 customer support online you will create new revenue opportunities and we all know that successful businesses will offer better packages and therefore be able to attract the best and most experienced candidates in the market,” he added.

The UK’s longest established specialist recruiter in the property sector, Anthony Hesse, said this week that estate agents were facing the worst staff shortages in a generation, and the need to attract the right recruits to estate agency had never been greater.

The strongest candidates will always seek out the best and most successful estate agents. “One thing is certain, battening down the hatches in a challenging market is not going to deliver sustainable business growth,” Soloman said. “Agents need to take bold steps to review priorities and target new business and growth opportunities ahead of their competition.”

Investing in skilfully executed live chat as part of a carefully structured digital strategy, sees businesses typically increase lead generation online by more than 50%, Yomdel data shows. Offering real-time human support online just when people need it most is guaranteed to deliver exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, a figure that Yomdel currently sees averaging 99%.

Deploying managed live chat is a very cost effective method of securing early contact with vendors and buyers, and the more leads fed into your business, the more revenue opportunities that are created.

Here’s how Yomdel helps thousands of businesses across the UK to stay connected with their customers every minute of the day:

  • Specialist live chat operators are given extensive training on the property industry. As a first point of contact, they are superbly equipped to answer general questions, nurture relationships and ultimately turn that conversation into a well-qualified lead.


  • With 51.7% of website visitors coming outside business hours offering 24/7 support, 365 days a year will generate significant new business opportunities.
  • If estate agents are struggling to recruit, their existing staff will not have the time to try and engage with website visitors, this is best left to the experts at Yomdel who know how to target valuable opportunities online and convert people into strong leads.
  • Some agents will try and staff live chat in-house, but with stretched resources you can only offer limited support, response times will be slow and the cover will not be 24/7. This brings the quality of the chat down and results in a poor customer experience.
  • At Yomdel, live chat operators respond within 15 seconds, meaning customers are never left waiting and whatever the time of day (or night) are certain to be impressed by the service. After all you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.


For more information about how Yomdel can help you grow your business, which in turn helps turn your agency into being an “employer of choice”, please contact our team on 01403 616 000 or email [email protected]



Andy Soloman

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