Right to Rent scheme violates human rights?!

You must check that a tenant or lodger can legally rent your residential property in England.” as stated on the offical gov.uk website – Seems a pretty sensible enough statement to me…

The Right to Rent scheme is though said to be seen as causing racial discrimination so the High Court has found – It violates the European Convention of Human Rights.

A big results for those making money from property and tenants, a big result for those supporting illegal immigration and of course anyone thinking otherwise will be seen as far right etc.

Judge Martin Spencer delivered the verdict saying that the policy caused landlords to discriminate against both black and ethnic minority British people, and foreign UK residents – No, it discriminates against illegal immigration which is against the law, but anyway… Spencer said: “The evidence, when taken together, strongly showed not only that landlords are discriminating against potential tenants on grounds of nationality and ethnicity but also that they are doing so because of the scheme… 

It is my view that the scheme introduced by the government does not merely provide the occasion or opportunity for private landlords to discriminate, but causes them to do so where otherwise they would not.”

Right to Rent scheme


Christopher Walkey

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