Sam Singh, Founder of Triplerr – How will Brexit effect UK House Prices?

The UK’s housing market is important due to the significant volume of capital investment it receives, not to mention the huge interest there is among prospective buyers. My prediction is that the uncertainty of Brexit, as the UK shifts to become an independent market, will deter foreign investors which make up a big chunk of this revenue, and this could slow house price growth down.

But there are always two sides to every coin and the way in which house price growth has slowed could also work in prospective buyers’ favour as it might mean that sellers are willing to accept offers under the asking price. There could also be a lot less competition in a popular area as people sit back and wait to see the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

And, with so much uncertainly and changes to the market, is it more important than ever that agents are working as efficiently as possible to find the right customers for their property listings.”

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