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How important is Social Media to selling your home?
Although not currently considered a primary method for selling your home, social media is becoming ever more useful in the sales process.

A good local estate agent can share a property and have over 1,000 people see it within a day or two. They will also be able to gauge the demand for a property based on how many people like and share the listing.

Given that Facebook, the most used social media platform, has 31 Million active UK users, the opportunity to find a buyer for your house is there, and the more it is used the more likely you are to find a buyer through social media.

One advantage that social media has over other forms of advertising, such as newspaper adverts, is the low entry point cost of marketing. Newspaper adverts can cost hundreds of pounds and unfortunately due to the nature of traditional print media there is no way to receive timely feedback from those who read it or even know actually how many people did read it.

Facebook allows publishers to post specific properties for free, and paid for adverts start from only a few pounds. Every view, click, like and share is recorded and the statistics are right at your fingerprints.

Selling a home prime for renovation? Target people who are interested in renovations and DIY.
Selling a luxury home with stables? Target people living in the area who own horses.

This level of targeting is unlike any other, and with the correct client profile is going to succeed at getting your property under the eyes of the right person.

There are some caveats however. If rather than targeting a specific profile you decide to pay to blanket cover the country to promote a local run of the mill property, you will likely never attract an interested party and will simply waste your marketing budget and irritate readers. Like anything, if you’re going to do it, make sure you’re doing it right or just don’t bother.

The biggest benefit of Facebook is to help keep your potential future clients engaged with your business so that they consider using your services when the right time comes. In another word, you are playing the long game. So there is no point posting once a month with an already out of date piece of news. You need to maintain your level of service and keep people interested and updated with the market. This way you will build a reputation as someone interested in the community.

Use Social Media to sell your business which in turn will help to sell all of your client’s homes. Don’t rely on it to sell just 1 home.

I choose to use Facebook as my go to social network given that it is the most widely used social media platform and given its variety of presentation options it provides me the flexibility needed to grow my business.

About the Author
Simon Loftus, from “Charles Rose Estate Agents in Warwick”
Simon has banking and business background, and has the last 6 years running a successful estate agency and holiday lettings business in sunny Mexico. Now back in the UK working for a cool independent agency in the beautiful market and castle town of Warwick.

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