Sex, kids and rock and roll prompt spike in soundproofing quotes from homeowners during lockdown

Tradesperson comparison site,, has seen a spike in quote requests submitted to the platform for soundproofing work while most other traditional trade relate work has dropped off since the UK entered lockdown.

Last week, released some top tips to safely allow tradespeople to complete essential maintenance within your home with many of us refraining from allowing outsiders in, due to fear of catching Coronavirus.

However, while HaMuch has seen the level of quote requests submitted for traditional jobs fall, there has been a 43% increase in the number of people requesting prices on soundproofing their home when compared to last year.

Soundproofing tips for your home

It can cost an average of £1700-£2000 to professionally soundproof one room in your home although you could take a crack at it yourself with the average room of 16 square metres costing about £700 in materials.

Seal air gaps

Using weatherstrips to seal gaps between doors and windows can be a cost-effective way of soundproofing a room, with these costing £5 or gap draught excluders costing £10 an upwards.

Adjust your furniture

Adjusting your furniture will cost you nothing but could make a big difference when soundproofing. If you have particularly noisy neighbours and your bedrooms share a wall, placing large items of furniture like a wardrobe along said wall can help reduce their nocturnal noise.

Add some mass to your walls

If this still doesn’t do the job, add a layer to the wall. Canvas paintings can help while you can also buy soundproofing wallpaper which is specially designed to help reduce noise and can be done for £35 an upward where the cost of materials are concerned.

Soundproof curtains

While many of us use heavy-duty curtains to block light coming in, they can also help with sounds. The heavier, or the more layers, the better and not only will they help with windows, but it can also be a quick job to erect a rail above your home office door to help reduce noise within your home as well. Blackout curtains start at £30 with more professional soundproof options coming in at £100.

Carpet or rugs

Another simple and cost-effective tip, particularly for those living in a flat. The average room will cost about £350 to have a carpet laid but you can pick up some heavy-duty rugs for as little as £20 apiece. Not only will they reduce noise between your flat and the flat below, but they also reduce the sound of echoing within your room.

Acoustic sealant

Acoustic sealant is best used in conjunction with other soundproofing measures but it can be handy for blocking up gaps and cracks along windows, doors, windowsills and more, it also costs as little as £15.

Egg boxes

Thinking inside of the box, the uneven and undulated structure of items such as an egg box won’t soundproof as such, but it will help reduce echoes. Placed in strategic places, they can make a difference for a very low cost and with a bit of experimentation. Although they aren’t a measure you want to leave in place for the long term.

Professional floor and wall sound-proofing / insulation
Sound-proof flooring; ave UK room size of 16 square metres = £689
Professional sound-proofing installation – room ave UK = approx £1700-2000
Seal air gaps
DIY – weatherstripping from £5
DIY – gap draught excluders £10 upwards
Adjust the positioning of furniture
DIY – free
Add mass to your walls
DIY – decorate walls from £20
DIY – sound-proofing wallpaper = £35 upwards
Sound-proof curtains
DIY – blackout curtains = from £30
DIY – sound-proof curtains = from £100
Lay carpet or use cheaper floor rugs
DIY – floor rugs from £20
Carpet fitting = mid-range thicker carpet = from £20 to £50 per square metre (£350 upwards for an average room)
Acoustic sealant
DIY – acoustic sealant from £15
Egg box/carton/tray
DIY – cardboard egg trays = approx 20p each

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