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Shelter states that 3 million more Homes needed. Surprise?

We need more social housing – This has been clear for many years now and this time please do not simply sell them off cheaply for people to make money on like what happened only a generation ago!

We need more social housing – Why? Is it that property prices are now totally out of reach for normal working class families, is a big correction needed or clamp down on landlords making money from renters? Is it too much immigration both legal and illegal, maybe the government are at fault for making the country an easy target?

With ongoing rumours of open uncontrolled borders still very much a concern and the government tempting in asylum seekers with free housing, money and health is it no wonder that an increase of social housing is suggested by the charity Shelter to cope with current and near future demands? Though somewhat bluntly highlighted recently by Katie Hopkins in a video that went viral across social media, the government are still very much donating property to new comers to the UK prior to asylum being accepted or not and this flow of people will not stop in the near future – I, for one, do not lay the blame at asylum seekers, migrants genuine or not including failed asylum seekers as they are being promised a quality of life undoubtedly better to what their home country is offering them – They should grab this opportunity with both hands. Controlled migration is a positive route to take for any country as many go on to contribute to their communities and the lives of people around them.

Maybe it is time to release more land that is held by development companies due to the natural growth of the population of the country?

Housing shortage is certainly the blame of the government and shows a failed management and monitoring system surely? Though, are we not hearing many reports that in recent years the amount of homes vacant across the UK continues to rise which kind of puts a twist to this whole story – 1.4 million homes have been left empty for a period of least six months.

HouseSimple stated that a total of actual vacant homes stands at 205,293 so with a country that is supposed to have a housing crisis / shortage these should be what is targeted by the government both to question why they are vacant and to get them back up to living standards.

Empty property owner in Warwick is fined

The shortage of Social Housing by Shelter was a national news story reported on by many news outlets including TalkRadio: The programme is estimated to cost the government over £200 billion, with costs of £10.7 billion per year.

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