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Dusk photography is fantastic for attracting interest in your properties, and using twilight shots can make your listings stand out. In fact, dusk photography is proven to improve click-through rates on property portals; resonating with our primal need for shelter, warmth and protection.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. An Australian estate agency decided to test the difference between daytime and evening photography and found that just by changing to a twilight shot a week after a home was listed, viewings shot up by approximately 50% (at a time when initial inquiries traditionally drop off).

Of course, here in the UK, dusk can be a tough time of day to photograph, so it’s no wonder that most estate agents don’t make the effort to take them. But let’s face it, when retailers take photographs of their products, they always make sure they have the proper lighting. So why should property images be any different?

At Houseviz, we take the hassle out of capturing the perfect dusk photo by creating it for you. And, because we take your existing images and switch them from day to dusk at the click of a few buttons, we can do this for just £2 per image! Even better, you don’t need to adjust all your property images; one or two external photos of the front elevation is all you need. So you can keep costs low while increasing click-throughs, viewing levels and, ultimately, sales.

Of course today, you can edit images using your smartphone, so why would you bother getting them upgraded by a professional? Well, there’s a fine line between enhancing the way a property looks and creating photos that are overdone, strange or even misleading. And not all images benefit from dawn to dusk treatment (some appear better with blue skies!). So it makes sense to use a tried and tested outsourcing partner to get the most out of your images.

As well as taking your images from dawn to dusk, we also provide a complete range of photo editing services required to enhance. Send us your photos and we will remove any imperfections like cars on the drive, dustbins in front of the house, clutter in rooms, and grey skies. You will be amazed at what we can do.

And, if you want to boost your listings even further, we provide a one-stop marketing service to busy and price-conscious estate agents. This means we can complete your floorplans, draft your property descriptions, carry out a property valuation and get it all back to you within 24hrs! With hundreds of professional, viewing assistants across the UK; we can even look after your viewings for you, so you free up valuable estate agent time.

Conceived at the Manchester University Incubator 14 years ago, today Houseviz operates as a one-stop property marketing service for residential sales, lettings, and commercial agents. From industry-leading AR and VR to more traditional and essential services, find out how a partnership with us will help you make your listings more beautiful and attract more buyers.

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