Swiping right to find your ideal flatmate is now easier than finding a date in London

Leading room rental platform, ideal flatmate, has today announced the launch of their mobile app to help UK room hunters tackle the rental market and find their ideal flatmate at the swipe of a finger.

Previously coined the Tinder for room rentals, ideal flatmate uses scientifically designed algorithms to match potential roommates based on a number of personality traits, giving them an overall compatibility score. The difference to Tinder? No catfish or dodgy first dates, with users of ideal’s platform finding likeminded people and its landlords enjoying much higher tenant retention rates as a result.

With the platform now building momentum and brand recognition across a number of major UK cities with 300,000 users and 10,000 new listings a month, ideal flatmate has launched their app to make it easier for the 80% of users that opt to hunt for a home via their mobile device.

Co-founder of ideal flatmate, Rob Imonikhe, commented:

“Maintaining high engagement throughout the room hunting process is key to providing a happy room rental experience on both sides and people are most engaged and available with their mobiles.

Now that we have laid the foundations, it’s the right time to elevate our proposition and provide our flatmates and advertisers the exceptional mobile experience they’re looking for.”

The app has been developed using React Native, a framework for building apps that will allow ideal flatmate to release an easy to use app simultaneously via iOS and Android which will be available to users from 20th August 2019 via each respective app store.

With more and more of us renting and a lack of stock available to meet this demand, the app is aimed at not only making things easier, but providing a personalized experience for each user increasing the comfort level of interacting with what is initially a stranger, translating the safety net of an online meeting into an offline experience.

Much the same way that Tinder made it OK to do internet dating, Airbnb made it OK to stay in someone’s spare room… Now ideal flatmate is making it cool to find someone to share your home with long-term.

Rob continued..

“We understand that many people are apprehensive when it comes to living in a shared house with strangers and a lot of this stems from the worries around the compatibility of the people rather than the property itself.

That’s why we are the only platform that uses research-based matchmaking to help people find better flatmates.

No one else has invested as much as ideal flatmate in identifying what actually matters to people living in flatshares and then gone and solved the problem.

Since launching ideal flatmate, we are yet to find an unhappy flatmate from those who have used our matching test and found a place to live,

We still have a long way to go, but we genuinely believe it’s possible to enjoy living in a shared home, and that there is a ‘right’ place for everyone.”

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