Take an axe and split your social media:

Social Media is a meaty topic and one that is ever evolving – If you are out of the picture for just a few months then not only will some other businesses catch you up and take over from you, but advancements may also mean you are out of the loop when it comes to how best to use it for marketing and the new innovations that can help grow your business faster.

Now that in today’s world of online marketing social media is one of the king elements, we need to really study how we use it and what kind of impression we are given out to the audiences we have built.

One big factor in social media that is creeping up more and more is how much we need to pay attention in dividing our business and personal lives on social media. Yes, only a few years ago we could use social media freely, voicing no matter what we felt and sharing no matter what we wanted – Nowadays though we hear more and more stories like someone being prosecuted following comments placed on social media and that people have been fired from their jobs following a business owners spotting something they did not like be it a photo on Instagram or a check-in on Facebook.

Remember, your new boss is highly likely to not only use social media themselves, but also seek new staff members with it also – When a CV hits their in box it is not an uncommon thing for them to do to then research them on social media, usually LinkedIn (which most people use professionally), but also Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube and this could be make or break things for you. I totally agree with anyone not happy with me stating this in that I also think that you should not be spied on and your personal life is yours to do what you wish with, but social media and the way we use it today means that all your likes, dislikes, funny moments, professional qualities, political beliefs etc are on show for all to judge you by.

So, what should we do and why should we do it on social media to make sure that we keep our business profiles and personal lives separate?

  • Decide that your social media is going to be professional or social from day one – Do not attempt to mix the two even if for just one day and also try not to accidentally post something you may regret and delete as it could be spotted and captured for future reference.
  • Create personal accounts and business profile accounts. Simply have your business profile on social media and then be selective with your connections on your personal ‘social’ accounts so that only close friends and family see what you share – Try and keep your social accounts private as much as you can also.
  • Do not mention your business that you work for (if a business owner then clients you work with) is any negative way such as ‘really could not wait to get home tonight as so bored at work today‘ or ‘can not stand working with clients in Germany as they are always late with payments‘ as these quotes could be spotted and most certainly will be reacted to.
  • Do not use your social media accounts (unless they are business ones) during working hours. Simple advise really, but with our mobile phones in our pockets / on our desks tempting us all day to see what is happening on social media then it is a hard one to not give in to.
  • Work relationships. Yes, keep this hush if it is in the rule book that what you are doing may lead to disciplinary action upon you – Do not share warm seflies with that person, try not to check in to the same location at work or outside work and if you can, try not to be following each other on social media as if you are suspected then for many social media is a good place for someone to start their detective works.
  • Shares and retweets. Remember, you do not have to directly upload something to social media in order for you to be found – A simple retweet or a share, comments and likes, can also put you in a sticky position so try your best not to engage with any topics that could effect your role at work. Politics and religion are usually the two big subjects to not engage with.

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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