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Thanks Trev, from Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds, who many will know has had an ongoing dispute against Lloyds Bank due to, his claimed, handling of HBOS fraud scandal, has recently released a new video to Facebook thanking Trevor Mealham for his on going campaigning for victims and the lack of police investigation support against Lloyds Bank.

Trevor is known in the industry for founding and being very passionate on his concept INEA – More details on LinkedIn if you wish to connect with him on this case (https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevormealham/). I have met with Trevor a few times and know that he very thorough in his investigations and planning plus I have also spoken with Noel on start-up concepts and know he is a wise entrepreneur and marketeer so Lloyds will certainly have a job on their hands with Trevor and Noel against them!

Full video on the Lloyds Liars Facebook page here of Noel thanking Trevor: https://www.facebook.com/lloydsliars/videos/3014205208605151/

There is of course a massive story on all of this and I no way wish to get involved in an opinion as I do not know anywhere near enough to comment and neither have I been directly involved / effected. Though taking some content direct from Noel Edmonds website we can see what he along with others such as Trevor, are trying to achieve:

1-To expose the systemic criminality and corruption at every level of the UK’s most toxic bank.
2-To alert the British people to the scams LLOYDS use to achieve their multi-billion pound profits and massive executive bonuses.
3-To cut through the LLOYDS “lie & deny” strategy used to break their victims, avoid prosecution and fool the regulators.
4-To identify those LLOYDS executives and Board members who are complicit in what Parliament has described as “the biggest crime in UK banking history”.
5-To force resignations, managerial change and the prosecution of LLOYDS banksters starting with the CEO Antonio Horty Nosorio and the Chairman Lord Blackliar.

Above taken directly from Noel’s website – http://noel.world/

I’ve faced many challenges in my life but this is the greatest. I’m determined to achieve justice for myself and my family and in so doing incentivise every victim of LLOYDS BANK to fight, and keep fighting, until LLOYDS either changes its toxic culture or is destroyed by the greed and arrogance of its management.” Noel Edmonds.


Christopher Walkey

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