The best career advice is to consider all your options

Schools should provide unbiased and comprehensive career advice to young people

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) believes that schools should provide unbiased and comprehensive career advice to young people, as they consider their professional future.

The construction industry offers a wide range of career opportunities that endow learners with skills that are in high demand throughout the UK’s economy, but are often neglected due to misconceptions over the industry’s external image and the misguided view that only universities can deliver success for individuals.

With more young people entering construction, the industry is also embracing necessary change and this must accelerate in order to make its roles more attractive. Baroness Pidding has stated that providing the widest possible careers advice is crucial for any young people, especially those coming from lower income households. Embarking on a vocation qualification route can often open up the same or more appetizing opportunities as going to university.

Richard Beresford, chief executive of the NFB, said: “With the ongoing shortage of skilled workers and the impending exit from the EU, the UK needs to foster home grown talent in industries such as construction and it all starts with presenting young people with the widest possible set of choices for their future.

“We must tell every young person and those wanting to retrain, that vocational training such as apprenticeships doesn’t just produce higher wages, transferable skills and a long term career, but unlocks the international employment market and earn while you learn opportunities.”

National Federation of Builders

National Federation of Builders

The National Federation of Builders is a United Kingdom trade association representing the interests of small and medium-sized building contractors in England and Wales.

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