The effectiveness of using custom branded envelopes to improve real estate agency brand recognition

Custom envelope printing is an excellent way for all estate agencies to improve the way they brand their business to their customers. Think – an envelope is often the first point of communication with a customer as it contains a letter, brochure, or other piece of marketing. It makes sense, then, to use that opportunity for all its true potential.

The rise of online printing means that it’s easier than ever for a real estate agency to get custom printed envelopes with their branding. The options are almost limitless, and online printing is both affordable and highly efficient – this makes it accessible to estate agencies of all sizes, as it doesn’t require a large amount of investment.

Making a mark

Think about the average person’s post – a mixture of dull off-white and brown envelopes containing all

sorts of bills, notices, and other unexciting daily communications. A real estate agency could offer a person the opportunity of a lifetime, to move into the property of their dreams – it’s important the envelope carries that message.

A bright, eye-catching envelope with the estate agency’s branding clearly visible will be unique compared to the rest of a person’s daily mail. That will make them pay particular attention, and they’ll be far more likely to open the envelope. This is increased if they already recognise the branding, and have an idea of what the mail might contain.

Effective communication

Bright and eye-catching colour schemes are great for standing out amongst other dull mail a person might get, but a custom envelope offers even more opportunities. Due to the affordability of custom envelope printing, it’s possible to get envelopes printed for specific uses – making the recipient even more likely to open it.

So for example if an estate agency was to have a particular offer for a customer, the envelope could say “Exclusive Offer Inside”. Other examples of customisation could be “Dream Houses in Your Area”, or “Brand New Properties”, or “Don’t Miss Out”. Anything that will grab the recipient’s attention will make any marketing drives that much more effective.

Professional image

Branded envelopes also convey another message to recipients, which is that of a professional and a successful business. There is a tacit acceptance of branding as being a signal of a business doing well, so any estate agency using custom envelopes printed with their unique branding is automatically going to appear more successful and professional.

This gives a positive image of the estate agency, and serves to foster more trust in potential customers. There is still a perception amongst many that custom printing is expensive and time-consuming, which it isn’t – but the image remains the same. If a business can afford the time and effort to custom print envelopes, they must be good at what they do.

Subtle but effective

Envelopes are an often overlooked aspect of marketing, but when properly customised they can be an invaluable asset. Any estate agency looking to increase their brand recognition can make an effective start using customised branded envelopes.

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