The key difference between white spirit and methylated spirit

It’s impossible to repair and paint wooden windows without additional tools. These are not only paints, but solvents as well. Alcohol is often used as the second element. But few people know that there are a variety of it that is perfectly suitable for cleaning paint residues from surfaces.

Detailed information is available on the Chameleon company’s website and can be found in the source. You can also read a brief guide to solvents and choose the best option for your work. Mix the solutions properly to get the perfect paint for painting frames and walls.

What is white spirit?
This is a clear solution that is extremely inflammable. It consists of refined petroleum products. This substance is used in various fields, including painting on walls and windows, drawing, and much more. White spirit is required for diluting paint. If you are going to renovate your house, you can use a paint calculator. You will find out the right amount of paint you need for each of the walls.

What is methylated spirit?
Mineral Spirits contains ethanol with additional components. It’s not intended for consumption. Methyl alcohol and other harmful substances can be used as additives. This is a perfect white spirit alternative, which is used for similar purposes. You can quickly return a brush to its original state after finishing the repair works or dilute paint with a solution to get a more pleasant shade.

Can you use white spirit instead of methylated spirit?
Both alcohol types can be used for home repairs. For some, white spirit is perfect, for others, the substances with methanol are more acceptable. These products have become perfect for being used as Paint Thinner or paint diluters.

Cleaning paint brushes with white spirit
After decorating, a lot of paint remains on the brush. If it dries up, it won’t be possible to use it anymore. You can take a brush and carefully remove the residues (if they are dry), then immerse the tool in an alcohol solution. But you should try to wash the brush without waiting for it get dry.

  • To remove paint residues properly, you need:
    • take a container (old mugs and deep plates will do);
    • add a small amount of alcohol;
    • put a dirty brush in it.

When the liquid turns dark, pour it out and add a new one. Repeat the procedure until the brush becomes clean and the alcohol remains transparent.

At the final stage, use a small amount of soap and water so that there is no alcohol left on the brush. To be sure that the brush has remained perfectly clean, take a newspaper. Swipe it with a brush – are any paint strips remaining? If not, the cleaning process is complete. Wait for the brush to dry and put it away until the next use.

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