The King is Dead and how consistent is your agency’s marketing and PR message?


I don’t feel I fit in with most PR and marketing people. For three main reasons.

Firstly I’m not posh, never went to university and don’t take myself seriously – as someone once said ‘it’s PR not ER, chill out’.

Secondly I have a real allergy to jargon, the mere sound of such gems as ‘game changer’, ‘disruptor’ and ‘synergy’ bring me out in an itchy rash.

And thirdly I disagree with a lot I hear from certain peers. The main one at the moment is that ‘content is king / queen.’

Don’t get me wrong the quality of the content your agency has on offer is REALLY important. You will be judged on your blogs, newsletters, web copy and adverts. But content means sod all without consistency.

Think of it like this if you go the gym once a month you’ll feel ok for a couple of hours afterwards but won’t see long term results. Trust me I speak from decades of experience on this one.

But when you go regularly you get to see improvements and positive changes. Same with marketing and PR – be consistent.

Another way at looking at is this – If you took your partner for a romantic weekend in Paris but most of the time you treated he / she with disrespect and distraction the impact of the ‘city of love’ would be watered down like wine on an all inclusive holiday.

But as my wise old Irish Uncle Tighe used to say: ‘In love it’s the little, everyday things you do which make the relationship work over the passage of time’.

Exactly the same with marketing and PR – being consistent gets you noticed more, as long as you’re seen as being helpful and not overly salesy people will want to hear your regular messages.

I’ve got to cut this blog short as I’m taking my Missus out for lunch (taking Uncle T’s advice on board) but here’s briefly how you can be consistent and get your agency’s profile to rise and remain high.

Blogs – weekly or fortnightly.

Email marketing – I recommend fortnightly.

Press Relations – Contact your local media on a monthly basis – see if there’s any property related stuff you can help them with.

Newsletters – don’t dismiss print – quarterly editions will set you apart from many other agencies.

There’s much more you can do to be consistent and proactive but I’ve got to dash. Love calls.

Thanks for reading, here’s to your next instruction and enjoy today because you ain’t guaranteed tomorrow.


PS: There are lots of lovely PR people out there I like, well, a couple, maybe three.





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