The nation’s busiest minute for home-hunting: 8.48pm on a Wednesday

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  • New Rightmove data reveals that 8.48pm on a Wednesday is the most popular time for people looking for their next home1
  • Visits to Rightmove’s platforms peak between 8-9pm each day as many people spend the evening dual-screening
  • Home hunters are set to get ready for a post-Christmas rush, which last year saw traffic on Rightmove2 increase by 231% between Christmas Day and January 2nd

If you’ve ever found yourself home-hunting online just before 9pm in the evening, you’re not alone.

Rightmove’s data scientists have revealed that on average there are more people on the UK’s biggest property website at 8.48pm on a Wednesday than any other minute of the week. The busiest hour is between 8pm and 9pm and the quietest hour is at 4am on a Monday.

Home-hunters spend an average of over one billion minutes searching Rightmove every month3, with an average of 141 million visits each month4.

December is usually the quietest month for home-hunting, but traffic starts to rise from Boxing Day onwards. Last Christmas, page views increased by 231% between Christmas Day and January 2nd and the busiest day in December was Sunday 30th December, as people started to think about moving in the new year.

Rightmove’s property expert Miles Shipside said: “We know just how obsessed the nation is with property, but to see such precise consistency in terms of browsing times is really quite remarkable. It may be that the Wednesday peak of 8.48pm coincides with the final advert break of many TV shows. A few years back the busiest time of day was lunchtime but as mobile usage increased this has changed to property lovers revisiting us every evening.

“As we move into December we see people start to get distracted by turkey and tinsel, but once the celebrations are in full swing it doesn’t take long before traffic rises again. Some may realise their home is too small or they finally decide that next year will be the year they take on an exciting project and buy a fixer upper property.”


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