The Real Benefits Of Personalised Real Estate Closing Gifts

The Real Benefits Of Real Estate Clothing Gifts

Gifting within the real estate business is not a new tactic by any means, realters have been surprising potential clients with an assortment of gifts for years, after all, when the commission for closing a deal is no small amount, and future business is built from great referrals, it is to be expected that individuals will go above and beyond to make the whole process and smooth and efficient as possible. Here is our definitive guide to the types of gifts to give your clients to ensure

Types of Gifts

The types of gifts you can expect to receive will vary dependant on a few factors, including the type of realtor you are working with, and the value of the deal. Now this doesn’t go to say realtors only gift on the bigger deals, or that you should choose a realtor who is known to gift big, as that should not be the deciding factor when choosing who to buy or sell your property with.

Here are a few of the traditional gifts that you would expect to find from a realtor once the deal has been closed and you are moving into your new property;

  • Doormat – A way to give a warm welcome to your new property, adding a sentimental message is always a bonus.
  • Vase of Flowers – Make the new house a home with a vibrant and fresh smelling bouquet. These gifts are great, but not a permanent reminder of the hard work you carried out.
  • Smart Home Technology – This is a great way to leave a lasting impression, these relatively low-cost items can provide a helping hand long into the future. Check out the latest smart tech offerings from the leading suppliers.
  • Branded Merchandise – Having a personalised garment made for the new occupants can be a great way to make a lasting impression, especially if you get to know their likes and interests as this will help the garment to remain a staple item in their wardrobe and will act as a constant reminder of the fantastic experience they had when moving house, encouraging more positive referrals. If you are looking for personalised clothing, check out Banana Moon for all your clothing needs.

Tips For Real Estate Gifting

By now you will have read about a few of the possible gifts, and the benefits they can have but what is most important is when and how the gifts are given.

Frequency – although it is always nice to receive a gift, giving too many can be overbearing for the recipient and can give the impression you only want the money from the deal, not the lasting relationship that can be achieved.

Give Sparingly – remember the common saying “less is more”, well we really mean it. Don’t overdo it, more expensive doesn’t mean better, likewise splashing out doesn’t make a better gift, if anything it could come across like you want to outdo the competition when in reality it’s all about making the buying experience better for the customer.

Keep it memorable – if you, like many, are going down the personalisation route there are a few things to keep in mind, simple and subtle is better, and knowing what the recipient likes will make for a more personal and thoughtful gift.

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