The royal road names where property sells for 50% above average

While the Queen enjoyed her actual birthday back in April, this weekend will see the celebration of her official birthday which is traditionally celebrated on the second weekend of June. To mark the occasion, property finance specialists, One77 Mortgages, has looked at the current cost of securing a house with a royal road name and how this differs to the UK average.

One77 looked at 13 regal road names across the nation and what price the property has sold for on these roads over the last year.

The research shows that on average property on these roads will set you back some £340,191, 50% more than the current UK average of £226,798.

But it isn’t King or Queen that sits at the top of the royal road name family, it is in fact, Duke. Roads with Duke in the name are the most prestigious in all of the land, commanding an average sold price of £549,078.

This is followed rather appropriately by road names with Duchess in them, with an average sold price of £504,865 – the only two to exceed the half a million mark.

Queen does rank third with properties selling for £426,196 while Earl (£422,261) and King (£355,291) complete the top five.

Roads with Prince, Baron, Princess, Countess, Marquess and Viscount in the name also command a higher than average sold price, with just Marchioness and Baroness falling below this threshold.

Managing Director of One77 Mortgages, Alastair McKee, commented: 

“A name can have a big impact on house prices and clearly roads with royal names are benefitting from the more regal perception amongst those looking to buy.

Even in current market conditions, these royal roads are seeing properties sell for way above the national average which is certainly something to celebrate in addition to the Queen’s birthday.”

Average Sold Price Across Royal Road Names
Road Name
Average Sold Price
UK Average


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