The worst-hit areas of the property market freeze so far

Last week released its interactive real-time dashboard of how the market is performing under the pressure of a pandemic and the lockdown, both nationally and at postcode level.

The estate agent comparison site has now released data looking into which areas of the UK have been hit the worst, based on the reduction of property stock hitting the market as online listings when comparing pre and post lockdown listing figures. found that the worst-hit area has been Woking, where there were some 337 total property listings posted in just over a month prior to lockdown. In the short time since, this has fallen to a total of just 18 new listings, a reduction of -95%.

East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, Three Rivers (-94%) and Ely (-93%) are also amongst the areas to see the largest decline in property stock hitting the market.

Hillingdon and Bromley have been the worst hit London boroughs with a drop of -91%.

Not everywhere has been hit as hard though.

West Lancashire (-26%), Greenwich (-29%), Blaenau Gwent (-31%), Guildford (-45%), Monmouthshire and Liverpool (-47%) have seen less than a 50% reduction while the level of stock still hitting the market also remains fairly robust.

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