Tips For Renting To International Students.

BRITISH universities are experiencing a boom in foreign students, with the number of international students coming to the country to study having soared by 67% in 10 years.
With the percentage of overseas students at British universities expected to rise from 15 per cent of all students in 2008 to 21 per cent in 2018, this influx presents a real opportunity for letting agents to capitalize on.
But this new chance at a wider tenant base comes with its own set of issues.
First, overseas students are less likely to be able to visit a property before signing a tenancy.  We are increasingly seeing agencies use property videos and even the current darling of the tech world Periscope to give guided tours around properties.
Secondly, although they may good at hitting the books, do they know their mould from their mildew? And more significantly, when it comes to their responsibilities, will they understand what you’re talking about?
Ensuring that you’re speaking the same language as your tenant when it comes to reporting problems and repairs is the best way to get ahead in this market. One of the major problems with letting to students, particularly international ones, is a disconnect when it comes to communications. You need to make it crystal clear to your tenants exactly what their responsibilities around the house are, regardless of their nationality.
Fixflo’s online reporting system is available in over 40 languages and lets tenants know exactly what they are responsible for fixing, so you won’t be bothered with calls about changing lightbulbs. It also provides simple self-help steps to fix basic problems so tenants all around the world can be part of their own solutions. A tool like this can prove invaluable to international students who may think that even a basic instruction manual reads like double dutch!
Obviously there are a number of other things to consider when it comes to deciding to enter the student letting market like late night check-ins after they arrive at the airport. Our point is simply that if you do decide to get into this market, don’t be put off the international quotient. In this instance, it might just pay not just to go local…
If you’re a landlord in the student lettings market find an agency in your area who has invested in a Fixflo system to maintain your property more effectively.

Alex Evans

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