Tips for Setting Up, Maintenance, and Compliance of Fuel Tanks

Your business may require a fuel tank, and you may be considering different options at this point. There is a lot of research to do so that you can get the best deals.

However, if you already own a fuel tank, you still need to know how to install, maintain, and understand the safety measures regarding the tanks. In all, this article will highlight all the necessary details you need to know about fuel tanks.

Investing in a fuel tank is profitable. At the same time, it requires focus and understanding of its operations. When you are considering buying fuel tanks, you have to keep in mind the design, storage capacity, tank material, capability, and other good features.

So, let us not waste any time and get to the point.

Tips for Setting Up a Fuel Tank

Whether you are planning to buy a fuel tank or you already have at your disposal, you will find these tips for setting up a fuel tank very useful. For a quick look at the fuel tanks in the market right now, go to site linked here.

The first and simple rule is to keep smoke and flammable items away from the tank. So it must be installed where no such thing is available. Getting in contact with such items may be dangerous to the people in the facility and around.

You should make sure that the storage space is free of weed as well. To discourage people from smoking around the tank, put up a ‘No Smoking’ sign on the tank or the fences surrounding it.

Please don’t set the tank where welding and cutting torches may be used. In case of a fire, class B type fire extinguishers must be kept where it is easily accessible.

It is better to place the tank on a high surface where drainage is easy. As a rule, you must place the fuel tank 40 feet away from water tributary, buildings, and explosive materials. This is because the tank will usually contain fuel and oil for storage.

Tank saddles are encouraged by law unless the tank is already protected against corrosion. The saddles must be steel or concrete.

Moreover, you should have a proper roof installed over the tank to protect it against condensation and evaporation. The roof will also prevent water from collecting in the basin. Furthermore, it will also prevent harmful exposure to sunlight.

You should make sure that the fuel tank meets all the codes and regulations of the state. Don’t forget to buy dispensing and pumping equipment with the tank.

How to Maintain a Fuel Tank

Now that you know how a fuel tank should be installed, we are going to discuss the maintenance of the tank. No tank will last long if you don’t take care of it. So please read this section carefully, and apply the rules in real life.

If you want to store diesel fuel the right way, you have to make sure no water gets in the tank. You can minimize water accumulation by discharging water accumulation on a regular basis and by insulating the tank.

Moreover, you should clean and inspect the tank routinely. Sludge should be removed as well.

When you are inspecting the tank, you should check the exterior and interior walls of the tank for damage, corrosion, clean lines, and proper functioning. If the diesel in the tank has been contaminated by microbial growth, you have to adopt a process called ‘fuel scrubbing and polishing’.

Fuel scrubbing and polishing lets the microbial growth be treated with diesel fuel biocide to process the sludge, water bottoms, and fuel. Then, contaminated diesel is dewatered, filtered, and polished with a fiber filter.

On the other hand, maintenance of the fuel tank also means risk management of the tank. Employees responsible for working with the tank must be aware of all the risks associated with the operation.

Training must be provided to all employees about inspection, repair, cleanup procedures, spills, and safe operation. Some companies use a cellular GPS system to monitor the level of fuel dispensed, the time it was dispensed, and filter changes.

Regulatory Compliance of a Fuel Tank

It is important that you follow and maintain all regulatory rules and regulations related to a fuel tank. We have discussed here some of the general storage safety rules of oil and diesel.

Fire Safety Regulations
The building regulations contain the fire protection requirements for a fuel tank. Tanks that have a capacity below 3,500 liters must be 2 meters away from any infrastructure or boundaries. For tanks that are above 3,500 liters, the distance between the tank and other infrastructure must be 6 meters.

The tank must be surrounded by a fire protection barrier if, for some reason, it can’t comply with the above rule. In this case, the barrier must measure 900 mm in the distance around the tank. It also has to be rated for 120 minutes.

Prevention of Pollution
Burning fuel causes carbon emission, and thus pollution. Hence, all companies owning a fuel tank must comply with the pollution prevention act of the country the tank is located in.

For example, storage tank regulations are highlighted in the Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 in Scotland. In England, it is the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 (OSR England) that looks after the issue.

Building Regulations
In addition to complying with the fire and pollution prevention of the area the tank is located, you must also follow the laws laid out by the regional Building Regulations. However, if your tank was installed by a technician registered by OFTEC, you don’t need the local authorities for clarification. The technicians can clarify their own work.


Owning a business and operating it requires diligence and attention to detail. Investing in a fuel tank also requires the same attributes.

Setting up the tank may not be so hard. Usually, professional engineers can do the work for you. However, operating and maintaining the tank is mostly up to you.

As you work with the tank, you will learn more each day about how it should be operated and maintained. You have to pay extra attention to the fire, spill, damage, and hazardous situations when you own a storage tank.

The last thing you want is harm done to your employees or the people living in the vicinity. So make sure you are following all the rules and regulations regarding the installation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance of a fuel tank.

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