Tips To Help Prepare You And Your House For Putting It On The Market

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Thinking about selling your home? It is a big decision but when the time is right for you, you know. If you are thinking about putting your house on the market there are some things you can do to make your life easier and help it sell that little bit faster, or perhaps for more money. Here are some top considerations to make if you think about selling your house.

Research the local housing market

Carrying out your own valuation or due diligence has never been easier and is a good first step before calling in professional estate agents. You can use tools such as Right Move to get an overview of all the housing for sale within a 5 miles radius, or any radius you choose. You can then use Zoopla to see the prices houses actually sold for in a certain area. These tools can give you a great insight into the expected value your house might have and the figures you can get expect to achieve. Just always remember that house prices are a live quantity and can commonly fluctuate for reasons beyond your control. Further, houses may have distinguishing features that set their property apart from yours. This research is to give you a good idea of the price bracket, not a definite final sale price and you should always seek a professional valuation before listing your home.

Tidy and declutter

You want to be sure you present an orderly, clean and tidy home to make it as appealing as possible. You want to remove everything and anything from a countertop that doesn’t need to be there. You want your home to look less like your home and more like a tidy blank canvas for the next owners. Before listing your home or inviting in viewings have a declutter of every room, this will make the next stage easier. Once decluttered you want to clean and tidy. Now is the perfect time to embark on that deep cleaning you have been putting off. Also, be sure to find a place for everything. It may be that you invest in a little extra storage for the job just make sure it is not filling your surfaces and creating an eyesore.

A good first impression

You want people to be impressed from the minute they arrive and this starts outside of your home. Start by making sure your outside entrance is clean, tidy and well maintained. Trim bushes, cut grass, tidy driveways and ensure the front of your house is orderly and presentable. This is also the case for the interior entrance to your house. Use diffusers or plugins to greet guests with a pleasant smell as they enter your home and make sure all coats are neatly hung and shoes tidied away out of sight and not lining the entrance. Invest in a coat rack or a shoe storage cabinet for your home if you have to, it will be money well spent.

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