Top 5 House Sign Materials For Beautiful Curb Appeal

The easiest way to improve the curb appeal of your home is by intentionally designing your house sign.

It’s frustrating how this aspect so often gets overlooked when it can single-handedly unify and complete the look of your house. A good house sign will splendidly solidify the look of your home. You can consider it as a sweet cherry on top. If you’re new to the game and clueless about where to begin, this article is perfect for you. There are many house sign designs to choose from and we gathered five of the best options for you.

Factors to Consider When Creating for a House Sign

There are three factors that you need to consider when designing a house sign:

1. Size – Do you know how big you want your house sign to be? Picking the right size is important. You need to make sure that its size fits its spot. It also needs to be big enough that people can conveniently see it. But not so big that its size seems to shout. For reference, you should take note that 20mm letters can still be seen even at a 10m distance. Most homeowners opt for 100mm. You should go bigger if you want your house sign to be easily seen by a moving vehicle.

2. Design – the design of your house sign should fit with the style of your home and its surroundings. Know that it won’t look good if you have a modern house and you’d opt for a rustic wooden house sign.

3. Durability – choose a house sign with durable material. The easiest house signs to maintain are ones made of wood. Ones made of granite and slate also require low maintenance. Hand brass is for you if you want something very durable and you don’t mind having to do regular polishing.

Top 5 House Sign Materials For Beautiful Curb Appeal

1. Oak

A house sign made of oak is perfect for you if you’re a traditionalist. Oak provides a warm natural look and it can easily blend into any background.

Oak is also environment-friendly as they are sourced from sustainable woodlands. To ensure solid quality, they are dried for years before actual manufacture. The drying process ensures that oak does not split or warp.

An oak house sign is best for you if:

• You’re after eco-friendly products
• You want your home to exude a warm natural look
• You prefer a traditional aesthetic
• Your house has a country home feel
• You want a durable house sign
• You want a house sign that is versatile and can easily blend with any background

2. Ceramic

You should opt for a ceramic house sign if you want one with a unique shape and style. Ceramic house signs are highly customizable and durable. They look chic, clean, and delicate.

Ceramic home signs undergo moulding, glazing, and intense heat. They can be shaped in any way or form with the use of purified clay.

A ceramic house sign is best for you if:
• Your house has a traditional design
• You want a house sign with a unique design
• You want a house sign with a delicate feel
• You enjoy the farmhouse aesthetic

3. Slate

Slate is popular because it gives off a very natural yet modern look. All slate house signs look bold without being too loud. It can also easily fit in any background.

Slate house signs are also highly customizable. They can easily accommodate a homeowner’s unique style and taste. Any house with a slate house sign automatically looks dignified and elegant.

A slate house sign is best for you if:
• You want a house sign with a natural look but with a modern feel
• You want a highly durable house sign
• You want a versatile house sign
• You want a house sign that looks bold but not too loud
• You want a house sign that looks elegant

4. Glass

Glass house signs stand out. They have a modern and chic feel about them. They’re often used at posh buildings and neighborhoods. Glass house signs add an instant glamor effect to any home.

Glass house signs have a layer of acrylic cover that allows for them to be more durable and customizable. Glass house signs look good on modern homes with large windows and neutral colors.

A glass house sign is best for you if:
• You want your house sign to stand out
• You want a house sign with a modern design
• You want a house sign with a chic appearance
• You want to give your home a touch of glam
• You want a fully customized design

5. Granite

Granite house signs offer a luxurious and smart vibe. They are made of highly durable material so you can be sure that they’d last for years to come. It however requires regular maintenance. As granite house signs are pretty modern, you should opt for one if you’re after the wow factor. Granite house signs will perfectly fit homes with modern and chic styles.

A granite house sign is best for you if:
• You want a house sign with a luxurious feel
• You want an extremely durable house sign
• You want a house sign that stands out in your neighborhood
• You’re comfortable with regular maintenance
• Your design aesthetic is modern

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