Top 6 Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Wandering around websites looking for a cheap flight is rarely easy and successful. Most often, you end up subscribing to email letters that are supposed to inform you about reduced prices. As a result, prices become even higher and eventually come down when you can no longer go on a trip. What if there are other ways to travel without spending a fortune?

Have you already bought tickets and booked a hotel, or are you having doubts regarding your financial capacity? Well, in both cases, you still have a chance of reducing your spendings on travel.

Even if you have other things to worry about, these tips will come in handy in the future.

Get Yourself an International Card

As the name suggests, the main perk of such cards is that they are accepted all around the world. Yet, you can receive one under specific conditions.

If you are a full-time student, you’re probably one of the most benefited travelers. An International Student Identity Card (ISIC) can save you a lot of money since it offers discounts at:

  • cafes, restaurants, and bars;
  • movie theaters;
  • cultural events;
  • entertainment venues.

One thing this card can’t do for sure is give you a discount on essay services, for obvious reasons. Still, the most determined students can look for an essay review by NoCramming team to choose the best one. Say you picked EssayHub cause it looked good; now just search for Essay Hub reviews and find how good the site is. You will have to do something about your deadlines at university before you embark on a trip, right? So, manage your studies first.

Even if you are not a student anymore but are still under 30, you can apply for an International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) that also allows you to get discounts and other perks. There’s even an International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) for teachers! So, don’t miss your chance and purchase one of the cards!

Have a Spontaneous Trip

A sudden escape from routine is the best way to wake up from daily chores, work, and studies. It’s not about an irresponsible runaway that will stress you out, though. Just think about spending a day or two in another city or country while in your plans. It should have been a typical cleaning day at home.

Last-minute deals on airlines’ or tour companies’ websites can be unbelievably cheap. Of course, you need to quickly decide and settle the matters at work, with family, or with studies. Still, it’s the most effective way to have a quite exclusive trip for a small amount of money.

Sometimes, you may have to travel to another city to catch a flight twice as cheap as from your city. So, if your top priority is to save money, buy the tickets, grab your backpack, and rush to the station or airport.

Pack Smart

Some people are stubborn enough to carry with them even the biggest suitcase they have on vacation. Still, few can afford not to care about additional luggage fees for exceeding the measures for free transportation.

Since the most affordable flights presuppose only carry-on of specific weight and size, check the details with the airline to avoid additional payments. Also, mind that on your way back, you may bring souvenirs or simply have to put your big coat in your luggage. So, when packing at home, don’t fill your bag up to the brim.

Download Local Apps

Most cities have apps that will guide you through the city, plan your route for sightseeing, and advise where to go to have the best experience. The main pro of such helpers is that they are usually compiled by locals or based on their preferences. They recommend the best cafes and bars in the city, must-see routes, and when it’s best to visit particular venues and establishments.
Such apps usually mention the following details about a place:

  • location;
  • description;
  • entry fee/average bill.

Unfortunately, they are not always synchronized or regularly updated, so you may not find current price lists. Yet, that’s what Google is for! Meanwhile, be careful when starting googling places to avoid scams.

Buy a Travel Card

If you plan to stay in only one place for several days and enjoy sightseeing, be sure you’ll need the card. Even if the town is relatively small and you can go all the way across it on foot, don’t get too self-confident. On the way back, your feet will probably hurt so much that you’ll need to take a bus.

Most times, you’ll need to use public transport anyway. Whether it’s a tourist attraction located far away or just bad weather, a taxi is not the most budget option. Meanwhile, a travel card valid for several days can save you some money and time.

Go Through Your Service Accounts

People are not really aware of how many website accounts they have. If you go to your profile settings and check the number, you’ll be astonished. A website once used for a particular trip can still have a discount in store for you.

For instance, such websites as track their users’ purchases and travels. As a result, you can qualify for a loyalty program with:

  • discounts on future bookings;
  • free room upgrades;
  • promo-codes;
  • free meals.

Of course, the listed advantages are not given all at once but added if you travel regularly. Usually, websites list the conditions under which you will be able to get more benefits.

Summing Up

Trying to travel on a budget is usually tiresome. People associate it with daily flight price tracking and eating only fast food or instant noodles. Yet, there are many more ways to ensure you don’t go broke when going on vacation. The most effective ones were listed in this article. Make sure to use them!

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