Top tips: how the pros turn properties into goldmines

Selling houses is a bit like writing – everyone thinks they can do it. Most people, apart from illiterates, animals and Donald Trump, can write words, but they’ll probably never have a novel published or even manage to finish a decent short story without frying their frontal lobe.

You might have had a letter published in your local newspaper, or been praised for your narrative poem by your best friend, but lightning is unlikely to strike twice. Those are just the brokes, as they say.

In the same vein, anyone can luck out on a house sale. But being able to sell real estate consistently and well is a craft that takes years to hone.

But the first rule of real estate is simple – you can’t sell a turd of a property. You can, however, polish it.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few simple measures on how you can add some pizzazz to a crumby looking property. Give it a look.

Pests away

If you’ve snapped up a house or office complex that’s been left empty for a while, there’s every chance that it’ll have a lot of problems. Damp, dry rot and pests will inevitably have infected every room – and buyers won’t be interest in it until you’ve shifted these blights.

These are problems that won’t be remedied without expertise, especially with issues like pest control. If you’re struggling with an infestation, contact your local provider of pest control services, and give them a few days to clear out your property and make it suitable for human habitation again.

Although this might cost you a few quid, it’s a vital way to make your real estate look great.

All in the nose

Scent marketing has become big business, and no more so than in real estate. Although the strategy of filling a home with the smell of baked cookies is hackneyed by today’s standards, plenty of other smells (lavender and ginger are particular favourites) are available to set the olfactory senses alight.

Don’t make the scent you choose overpowering. Instead, fill your room with smells a few hours beforehand, letting it gently lilt around the property.

For some, a strong smell will transport them back to a childhood memory, while others might just enjoy a whiff of something fresh. Either way, prospective buyers will be impressed.

The parting gift

Every property, whether it’s an office complex or a residential building, should have a standout feature that will impress almost any viewer. But this shouldn’t be the opening of your tour. Instead, it should be left until the end, a knockout after a few effective one-two punches.

Leaving viewers with a good impression will make them more likely to snap up a property – and put profit in your pocket.

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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