UK Construction industry output is anticipated to fall by 0.4 per cent in 2019

A recent report shared by the Construction Products Association (CPA) forecasts that the continued Brexit uncertainty will cause a downgrade in industry output for UK construction. This 0.4% fall for 2019 includes the manufacturers and distributors of construction products / materials. This will be a somewhat negative wave of news to hit the sector in that earlier it was reported that there would be a 0.3% increase in growth.

CPA economics director Noble Francis was quoted as saying: “Overall, construction output is expected to fall marginally this year before 1.4 per cent growth next year but this growth is highly dependent on government’s delivery of infrastructure.

The negative news continues with office development output predictions of a fall by 11% in 2019 and 4% in 2020 and factory output to see similar worrying figures of 15% fall in 2018 and 11% in 2020. House building is set to remain flat that reflects the current climate of a slowdown in demanding and falling house prices mostly within London and the South-East.

Full story can be read on the Construction News website.

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