Ultimate Guide to Know How Much a Tempered Glass Window Cost

There is an old saying, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”, this saying may sound cliché, but it is true.
One minute you are playing with your kids and playing with your pets in your backyard with a ball and another minute that flying ball shatters the back-window glass. Luckily, such a situation can be dodged by installing tempered glass panels, a kind which can put up with more force than a typical traditional glass panel and keep your household safe and protected.

What makes tempered glass any different from conventional glass?
The Tempered glass is constructed with a distinct process of high heating and prompt cooling, which makes it 4 times sturdier than a traditional glass. Most commonly these glass panels can be a great fit for areas necessitating protection. Because of the accelerated cooling process, the tempered glass has higher surface compression than a conventional glass, thus, making it sturdier.

Estimate for Tempered Glass Window Cost? 
A tempered glass window cost is little more than the standard ones but a lot cheaper than acrylic and laminated vs tempered glass windows/door glasses. On average, a conventional glass plate runs between $4 – $7 per sq. ft. Installing tempered glass can add $18-$20 per sq.ft. The above said prices. Both the glass types can be purchased for custom needs.

What are the different types of glass which may affect the cost?

• Clear: Though the name says clear, it carries a greenish or greenish/bluish tint, and it’s cheaper than other glass types.
• Low Iron: Most durable tempered glass type, and is more expensive than clear glass.
• Acid Etch (Frosted): This is the most expensive type; the glass is sandblasted after it has been tempered. The key feature is the opacity and ability to stay smudge-free for a long time.
• Bronze: These are majorly used for decorative purposes only. It comes with coppery tint and little glare reflectance. It is an inexpensive one.
• Gray: There are most commonly used for windows, it is a tinted soda lime glass majorly used to contain light transmission.
Also, these come in different shapes: Circle, Elliptical Oval, Rectangle, Round Corners, Square and many more.

What things should be considered while estimating tempered glass window cost?

Right Manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer and installer is a critical parameter in determining tempered glass prices per square foot. Ensure that product passes following requirements:
• Air leakage
• Visible Transmittance
• Condensation Resistance
• Solar heat gain coefficient

One of the well-known tempered glass manufacturers in the USA is Fab Glass and Mirror that has given excellent ratings by its previous users.

Labor Costs 

Cost estimate largely depends on labor charges. Developing labor cost is a real challenge. There are many service providers, choosing an economical one with good reviews is right path to choose. This may largely depend on the location and demand in the area.

Window Type

The cost of glass depends largely on the kinds of windows on which glass needs to be installed.
• Single Pane: These are basic windows and most commonly found in older homes.
• Double Pane: Due to thicker nature, double pane windows offer better insulation.
• Bow Pane: It is a fancy form of projection window usually found in living or dining rooms. With a gentle curve, brings out church-like or Victorian appearance.
• Bay Pane: Forms exterior expression of a bay in a design giving an outward projection of a wall. A bay refers to an interior recess to bring more sunlight.
• Awning Windows: operated by a crank, awning windows open via pivoting from the top of the window sash.
• Picture Windows: often best for places where airflow is least important as they do not open. Picture Windows are large glass expanses, which in turn occupies the center portion of a wall.

Window Frames

Frames are often regarded as the structural backbone of a window. While replacing window glasses, frames are another aspect to take care off. You may or may not want to change the existing one. There are five types of windows frame to choose from and each has its own feature and price
• Aluminum: this is the most uncommon choice for window frames because of high price. However, Aluminum frames bring durability, modern look, ease of maintenance and very poor insulating properties.
• Composite: this material is a new edition to the frame market. It is a perfect combination of attractive appearance and insulation of a timber inside with aluminum cladding on the exterior.
• Vinyl: this frame type is very sturdy and easy to maintain, economical price and very durable.
• Fiberglass: of all the frame types, fiberglass has the strongest and most durable.

Benefits of Tempered Glass Panel that weigh more than its cost

The Look and Feel of a tempered glass panel are like that of conventional glass. However, the former is much safer than the latter as tempered one will not crack burst into dangerous scrapes.
• Safety
These are an excellent choice for tornado or high hail prone areas. All of these conditions may cause exterior glass doors/windows to break, which may result in glass injuries. Unlike conventional glass, tempered glass panels don’t shatter in jagged shards rather crumbles into gobs when extra force is applied. This reduces the risk of injury during an accident or extreme weather conditions. Tempered glass windows cost more but they are worth it.
• High Heat Resistance
A tempered glass exhibits high heat resistance and can temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius, which makes it a great-fit to combat fire hazards.
• Protection
A tempered glass window or door procures a protection layer in times of forced-break-ins.
• Clean Up
Unlike conventional glass, a tempered glass does not break into sharp chunks, wherein a proper cleaning is required such that nobody gets injured.  A tempered glass crushes into chunks which are easy to clean.

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