Ways to Add Value to Your Home

How to add value to your home

If you want to add value to your house, you need to know which parts of decorating, renovating and updating are worth doing and which ones add value to your house. Certain projects are guaranteed to add value, and not all of them are expensive to do either.

Look at the Structure

One of the first items on the list of updating you need to do is to fix any structural problems. It makes no sense to carry out cosmetic works on the house internally if you have a structural problem that could create more mess.

Structural defects can range from rising damp, leaks that create bowing walls, missing roof tiles or unstable chimney stacks to name a few and can range in price to get them fixed. However, these are essential to fix if you want to add value to your house.

Improve the Central Heating

Adding a new central heating system to an old house or updating the one you have will add value to a house because it helps improve the efficiency of the house. Combined with sealing any drafts, replacing old windows and adding insulation to loft spaces, making these changes will also see you save on your bills. If you were to consider selling at any point, to any prospective buyer, knowing they would save on their energy bills will hugely impact their decision on purchasing your property in a positive way.

Decorate It

Bits of wallpaper hanging down and cracks in the paint won’t directly affect the value of a property, but it may put off a future buyer. However, defects like this are quick and easy to resolve.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to every room and even wallpapering feature walls in small bathrooms, for example, can create an illusion of space and give the whole house a fresh, modern look. It’s probably one of the cheapest ways to update your house and make it look appealing to potential buyers so shouldn’t be ignored when thinking about adding value to your home.

Don’t Forget the Garden

Sometimes people forget the value of a garden despite it being the first part of your home that prospective buyers will see. The exterior is just as important as the interior of the house.

Redesigning the garden can be hard to do if you don’t plan it first. Key points to think about with the garden are how you can improve your privacy with adding fences and mature trees, creating distinct areas for each function such as seating, a BBQ area, and children’s playing area and adding features to the garden such as water features. Adding water gardens, fountains, and ponds can not only add value but also add character to a garden. Make sure you have the right equipment to start building a pond if you’re doing it from scratch through companies such as Water-garden.co.uk and plan what you need in advance.

There are many tricks that you can do, easily and cheaply, to add value to your house, but with a plan, the right tools and knowledge you could find yourself adding more value to your house than you initially thought you could.

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