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What cost to live next to a Premier League football ground?

Living next door to a foot ball ground will be for some a massive headache and nightmare where others would see it as their lives fulfilled – Ultimately, it will boil down to if you are a lover of football or not I suppose!

An interesting bit of research done by Ticketgum.com took a look at property prices in and around football grounds across the country highlighting those in the Premiership and the results were quite interesting!

Of course the prices of property depends very much on the value of the region the club sits, many would have expected Manchester United to top the charts, but with London prices sky high it is no-wonder really that Chelsea sit top and a further 4 more London clubs follow including Arsenal and West Ham United.

Manchester United sit 12th and Liverpool are one off from the bottom with Everton placed last with an average price of £82,714 and over a million pounds less than top placed Chelsea’s average property price!

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