When Should Marimekko Charts Be Used?

A Marimekko chart, also known as a Mekko chart, is a graphical representation of statistical data. It displays data distribution by showing the median, quartiles, and extremes. The Marimekko chart is named after the Finnish designer Marimekko, who popularized the design in the 1950s. So, when should Marimekko charts be used?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as Marimekko charts can be used in various situations depending on the user’s specific needs. However, some general guidelines that can be followed include using Marimekko charts when more detailed information is needed about how a variable changes over time or when comparisons need to be made between multiple variables. Additionally, Mekko charts can be a valuable tool for data analysis and presentation, making them an ideal option for users who need to convey complex information clearly and concisely.

To Show How a Value Changes Over Time

Marimekko charts are perfect for displaying the change in value over time because they clearly show the magnitude of the change and when it occurred. Additionally, they can be easily customized to highlight different aspects of the data. For example, you may want to use a Marimekko chart to show the change in revenue over time in business. This will help you see how your company is growing or declining and help you make better business decisions for the future.

To Compare Proportions Between Different Data Sets

When comparing proportions between two different data sets, Mekko charts are a wonderful way to visualize the differences between the two. The blocks are all the same size, so you can quickly see which data set has more or fewer points. The chart is also colorful, so you can easily see which data set is larger or smaller. For example, in business, you might want to compare the proportions of sales in January to those in February to identify any trends. Doing this can help you make better business decisions moving forward.

To Display Cumulative Totals

Marimekko charts are ideal for displaying cumulative totals, as they can easily show how a value has changed over time. They can be used to visualize data both horizontally and vertically, making them a versatile tool for data analysis. Additionally, Mekko charts are relatively easy to create and understand, making them ideal for presentations and reports.

For example, you might use Mekko charts to track the market share of different companies over time. This could help you identify which companies are growing or shrinking in the market. Mekko charts can also visualize data about revenue, profit, or other financial metrics.

How to Read a Marimekko Chart

Mekko charts display the magnitude of change in data over time. The X-axis represents the time frame that the data covers, while the Y-axis shows the magnitude of the data points.

To read a Marimekko chart, start by looking at the overall trend. Are the points generally increasing or decreasing over time? The Mekko chart will be shaped like a steep mountain if the trend is positive (data points increasing over time). The Marimekko chart will be shaped like a deep valley if the trend is negative (data points decreasing over time).

Next, look at the individual points. Are they clustered together near the top or bottom of the chart? This will tell you whether the data is clustered around a high or low point. Finally, look at the width of the bars. The wider the bar, the more data there is for that time.

Visualizing Your Company Data

A Marimekko chart is an excellent way to visualize data that isn’t too difficult to read. As you can see from the examples above, these charts are excellent for displaying comparisons between data sets and more. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to compare data, or you need to display data with multiple categories, a Marimekko chart is a perfect option.

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