Why Health and Safety Is Important When Renovating A Commercial Building

The construction industry is full of hazards. Because of the nature of the job, it is almost close to impossible not to have any danger at all, whether a minor one or a major one. However, there are now many procedures that are in place to help lower the chances of these occupational and safety hazards from occurring. This article gives you the rundown as to the importance of safety during office building renovations.

1. You can mitigate specific hazards.

Yes, the construction industry is indeed a hazardous one. If your company doesn’t practice health and safety techniques during construction, you are only exposing your employees to more and more dangers. Remember that while in your construction premises, you will be liable for whatever accidents may happen to any member of your workforce. Health and safety should always be the top priority of your renovation so that you avoid having any untoward accidents.

A ConstructionLine (Gold) accredited company, such as Bolts of Hereford, always have safety in mind. When you are in the process of renovating and building, you should always aim to put your trust in highly accredited companies that have a similar recognition. The last thing that you would ever want is for your company to be involved in messy litigation from the accident or death of an employee because you were negligent with health and safety.

Even more importantly, not only are you liable for the labor working in the construction and for your employees in the business, but also for the clients and customers who come in to visit your office. You wouldn’t want to lose clients because you were negligent with safety. Be wary about the following visitors to your commercial building:

  • Elderly

  • Children

  • Pregnant women

  • Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

2. You will achieve your construction timeline.

Health and safety don’t only benefit your team, but they also help you in more ways than one. If you can successfully maintain a healthy and safe construction environment, you will also be able to achieve your timeline of project completion. The more delays that you incur because of accidents, the more it will cost your company as well since you will need to lengthen your project timeframe.

You do not want to be faced with the difficult situation of losing your workforce because of accidents met from an unhealthy commercial renovation. Whether you are simply renovating, and even completing new buildings or houses, you should always have the ability to tick off your construction checklist on time.

3. You comply with the law.

With whatever construction projects that happen within a city, you are liable to comply with the laws of the local government. A part of the law always relates to the health and safety of the labor force. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to go above and beyond the law by neglecting the same.

When there are construction projects, whether new or renovations, local authorities do check your site regularly for them to inspect if you have the proper permits, licenses, and compliance with local regulations. It is essential, therefore, to avoid any legal trouble by being safety-compliant during an inspection.

4. Your employees will continue to be productive.

Often, during renovation projects, a commercial institution will still continue its operations. It is not all the time that you can cease business temporarily unless the building really cannot be used at that moment. This makes it even more critical for you to practice health and safety during the renovation period.

When employees are still present in the construction premises because you cannot stop operations, it will help them be more productive if they feel their best interests are still in your thoughts. No employee would enjoy working in an environment where they feel like they are regularly exposed to danger. If your employees feel safe despite the renovation, they will continue to perform excellently for your business.

Here are some ways for you to protect the safety of your employees while on the premises:

  • Ask them to wear appropriate clothing, if necessary, such as closed shoes, instead of sandals.

  • If there is any dust in the area, do provide masks for your employees.

  • Hang signage all over the renovation area for spots that are hazardous, such as fall risks or wet areas.

5. You minimize or eliminate exposure to hazardous compounds

Not only is the construction industry physically dangerous, but it also is hazardous to one’s health because of the exposure to chemical substances. You can help your employees, and the construction men, breathe better air quality by practicing proper health and safety measures, such as keeping adequate ventilation. In the construction industry, and during a building project, the breathing in of these chemicals is not uncommon:

  • Formaldehyde

  • Lead

  • Asbestos

  • Volatile organic compounds

The constant breathing in of the chemicals mentioned above can have long-term adverse effects on individuals. Minimizing these will make the physical health of your workforce better.


Renovating, or reconstructing your commercial building to help make it the office of your dreams doesn’t mean that safety has to be compromised. Above all else, everyone’s health and safety should always be prioritized. Though the reasons mentioned above may seem like a minor list of why health and safety are essential, they emphasize the degree of its importance. In whatever construction project you have, there is no substitute for staying safe.

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