Why YOU Need Property Management Software in 2015.

Do you spend too much time on admin and accounting tasks and not enough with your current and potential tenants?

We all get lost in a world of paperwork and boxes to tick, forgetting the main factor for property management, the properties and those living in them. If you are looking for a New Year’s Resolution that will last longer than the trial period at the gym then implementing a property management system is one you will be keeping all year, every year as you reap the benefits continuously.

There are plenty of property management software packages available. They all reach out to those looking for different answers. From low-cost, cloud-based solutions to the all-singing, all-dancing desktop models there is a solution for every portfolio but Landlord Manager offers something unique. It is the only property management software with a true 2-way integration to Sage, the accountancy software understood by over 90% of accountants. Although other packages offer links to Sage, they are only one-way, requiring double entry which can become time consuming for both the user an d the accountant, leading to money being needlessly wasted.

It isn’t just the accountancy side which can benefit from a property management system as it improves productivity with the ability to condense repetitive tasks and automate communication. Organise the way you work with team diaries and limit the amount of paper floating around in the office as it becomes the central place to store notes for all properties and tenancies.  Boost your cash flow and progress as a business without having to analysis months of reports whilst easily monitor tenancies from start to finish.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and time-saving solution to your day-to-day property management then complete our online contact form or call 0114 2307305 to find out how Landlord Manager for Sage can benefit you and your portfolio. We have dedicated versions for landlords and letting agents for all sizes.


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