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During its presentation at Google headquarters in London last week as part of the digital marketing experience designed for estate agents, Yomdel stated that an estate agent’s website is their most important office. The number of visitors online is far higher than any branch on the high street and with the offline market slowing, it is this reality that is pushing the most innovative estate agents to embrace digital marketing and find new ways to grow.

Zoopla in its latest report – “Insights into New Home Buyers 2018” seems to agree with this assessment saying, “Only a fifth of buyers have used an estate agent as their first port of call when searching for a property in the past year, with almost 60% relying first and foremost on portals.”

So, what does this tell us? As Andy Soloman, Founder and CEO of Yomdel also pointed out in his presentation at the Google Connect event, 52% of web visitors go online outside standard business hours with this figure reaching far higher on bank holidays. This is a fact that estate agents simply cannot afford to ignore.

Yomdel, an award-winning fully-managed live chat service, can be used on any website for online sales, lead generation or customer service and support. As well as live chat, Yomdel sets itself apart from competitors by offering additional services such as taking visitors direct from chat into phone calls, SMS engagement and bespoke integration with CRM platforms and Google Analytics. “There are other live chat providers out there, but Yomdel is unique in the way that we partner with clients to deliver the very best results,” says Andy. “Our advanced technical platforms are built based on my experience as a former Reuters foreign correspondent and editor, where speed and accuracy are essential. We are always looking for ways to innovate and invest in our services to help our clients grow faster.”

Yomdel supports people in an age where we expect immediate answers to questions. Andy Soloman states that as a business, if you are not there to help at the exact time of need, your potential customer will go elsewhere. In his presentation, Andy concluded by explaining that using intelligently targeted managed live chat can significantly multiply a business’ growth, with “online conversion proven to increase by 50% or more, and ROI running into the thousands of per cent.”

These statistics present a huge opportunity. Not just for estate agents, but for any business looking to boost growth through digital innovation.

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Andy Soloman

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